Afro-Textured Long Hair for Black Men: Shampooing & Conditioning My Hair

An example of me shampooing and conditioning my hair Natural haircare for men “Soapless Shampoo” recipe:…
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  1. LongHair Aaron says:

    My pleasure. Thanks for watching!


    i got my hair texturize juss fo it to be curly will it still grow. cause i
    dont haven’t seen it grow when i wash and comb fo da past few weeks. i’ve
    seen dat twistie makes your hair longer, but i cant get those my dad is too
    strict, how can it grow faster without me doing anything to it?

  3. LongHair Aaron says:

    Thanks. One of the beautiful things about afro-textured hair is its

  4. LongHair Aaron says:

    Yes, ur hair will still grow, but you need to make sure it isn’t breaking
    off. With chemically treated hair, u want to make sure ur hair is getting
    enough protein in order to keep the hair follicle strengthened, and of
    course you’ll want to keep your hair moisturized. I don’t know how long ur
    hair is, but for steadier length retention, you’ll want to manipulate ur
    hair as little as possible. Don’t overcomb/brush ur hair, and don’t
    comb/brush ur hair when it’s dry. Detangle w/your fingers first.

  5. Hussein Ahmed says:

    Yo homie yo got long hair. How long is it? Like the videos, Peace!

  6. CROOKLYN981 says:

    maaaaaaaan you got crrrazy shrinkage=]

  7. Damien El-Diablo says:

    sexy black man

  8. Jorim Maynard says:

    Gay ass nigga

  9. MyDiva2007 says:

    You should start your own salon for men with natural hair.

  10. LongHair Aaron says:

    What I do is a little different. I clean my hair with apple cider vinegar
    around every week to two weeks, then I deep clean my hair with bentonite
    clay once a month. Every time I clean my hair, I follow up with a deep
    condition. For your hair, it all depends on what your hair needs. If it
    needs a good cleaning every time you wash your hair, use shampoo, then
    condition. Co-washing is definitely worth a try. I recommend co-washing
    every other time you wash your hair.

  11. christ beloved says:

    Alright thank you! I’ve notice that when I wash my hair it stays dry for a
    long time.. So I might just cowash..

  12. JOSHUA BERNARD says:

    thanks :)

  13. LongHair Aaron says:

    Thank you :)

  14. LongHair Aaron says:

    Up to 75%!

  15. Nadine6528 says:

    yeeeah your just beeeautiful man :) )) and i love how you take care of your
    natural beauty hair :) ))

  16. LongHair Aaron says:

    That’s a very kind thing to type/say! Thank you!

  17. LongHair Aaron says:

    I would be what you call an average African American. Yes the curls are
    natural, but keep in mind that my hair was wet. The water was weighing my
    hair down, giving it a little bit more definition than it naturally has
    when it’s dry. The appearance that my hair had in the beginning of the
    video was caused by stretching my hair in twists. Using products that are
    free of harsh, drying chemicals makes the hair easier to handle. That’s all
    there is to it.

  18. quotidianlight says:

    Wow, your hair is DELICIOUS!

  19. Astrid says:

    I love how your hair looks like it is a different texture in every video!!

  20. LongHair Aaron says:

    Thank you, my hair goes about halfway down my back or so.

  21. Elia hazard says:

    you sure can use oil?

  22. christ beloved says:

    hey how often do you shampoo and co-wash your hair??

  23. Benley Magny says:

    Thats never gonna work for your average african american. Or don’t tell me
    those curls on your hair is natural? If they are, please bro tell me what
    shampoo & conditioner did you use to get it all curly. Thanks (y)

  24. LongHair Aaron says:

    Absolutely! Oil moisture seals and conditions your hair.

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