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  1. MegaLastingBeauty says:

    beautiful tina

  2. jacqueline vargas says:

    do you NEED extentions?

  3. Maryam Al-Maskery says:

    I think that she used many fake hair, and if people couldn’t use fake hair
    what do they do?

  4. blacksmithdevil says:

    i hear korean song~~!!! im korean! Cx

  5. xxBabygirlxx31 says:

    Can you do this with short hair and clip ins

  6. guadalupe bui says:

    Who won the hair exstentions

  7. Julisha Norris says:

    i love this video because all i do with my hair is put it in a ponytail.
    It’s to curly. one day when i get extentions I will do this =-_-=

  8. Vanessa HART says:

    You guys i think she used hair extensions because she seems to have thinner
    hair. im pretty sure if you have thicker more fuller hair you would be just
    fine without them.
    thinking about using this style for my quincenera (:

  9. maria galvan says:

    Wow I love this hairstyle
    I even want to do this hairstyle for my quinceanera <3

  10. Jasmin Grandos says:

    How long does this take?

  11. Melanie Wilson says:

    Will this work without hair extensions lol

  12. Anna Bratton says:

    I think I might try this hairstyle for my prom in two weeks. I don’t even
    need to use extensions because my hair is crazy thick and long. :) 

  13. Aracely Garcia says:

    Wow I love this ❤️

  14. Nazim JS says:

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    the video clip, and you will uncover a method to get her.

  15. cynthia aviles says:
  16. sunfleur bae says:

    so pretty!! :)

  17. Troy Hawkins says:

    I love it

  18. Zara Lomas says:

    Name: Zara ,hair colour: dirty blonde ,hair length: 21 inches 

  19. Rosa Melendez says:

    What if I don’t wear extensions?

  20. rabbits346 says:

    yoyo I just bought those hair extensions

  21. makayla macdonald says:

    i love this hair style so much i had it for my deb. so many people
    commented on my hair!

  22. Agnes Jennifer says:

    brilliant one….

  23. Lucy Becker says:

    Are you still giving away the hair extensions? Love your video! :) 

  24. Glenda Anthony says:


  25. Chelle B says:

    so after you attached the hair extensions, you curled your hair then
    attached another set of curled hair extension? is that right?

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