★ 2-in-1 Natural Hair Moisturizer? | 100% Organic Pure Unrefined African Shea Butter Review Video

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    all Shea Butter is pretty much the same and Im sure by now you probably
    know that I had to check into the ivory one but they smell exactly the same

  2. Glamorbelle says:

    Thank you! :)

  3. Glamorbelle says:

    I started using it this past winter too. It’s great on my skin! I have
    heard good things about Mango Butter too. I’m dying to try it. XD

  4. Glamorbelle says:

    I agree! I’m almost out. I use it as soon as I get out of the shower. I
    want to try Mango Butter as well. :)

  5. Djabominationalive says:

    Thanks for the shoutout Glamorbelle. . . . and who ever knew Shea Butter
    had so many uses

  6. pimpinnevaslipin says:

    btw props to the background music also… .

  7. diondrajevans says:

    i use raw african shea butter

  8. 20pearlsNcurls says:

    Great review! Nice music too! I love shea butter for my skin even though I
    don’t like the smell. I whip it with other butters, oils and add essential
    oil for fragrance and it’s perfect that way.

  9. Glamorbelle says:

    Thanks for the info! I will definitely have to do more research on these
    and check out Hobby Lobby.

  10. Glamorbelle says:

    Thank you! :) I plan on making some whipped shea butter to make it easier
    to apply. What kind of other butters do you use? Just curious…

  11. Glamorbelle says:

    How does raw differ from this stuff? So far this has been the only one I

  12. 20pearlsNcurls says:

    I use mango butter, cocoa butter, avocado butter, olive oil, castor oil,
    sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerine, vitamin e, honey (yes, the kind you
    eat) and honey almond fragrance that I get from Hobby Lobby.

  13. LalaAlwaysAnd4Ever says:

    omg 13.00 dollars?… I use “AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER” and I get the 16oz for
    5.99 at my beauty supply, same thing, you spent alot of money on that brand
    o.o. but anyways yes shea butter is great i use it for my dry lips,hair and

  14. MySaStv1 says:


  15. Glamorbelle says:

    IKR! No problem DJ. Looking forward to more! :)

  16. msladynatural00 says:

    I’ve tried their Ivory Shea Butter and really like it. It’s a good quality
    shea butter. I wish I had purchased 2 lbs of the stuff. I use it from head
    to toe..including my face. Love it!

  17. pimpinnevaslipin says:

    ohh nice :)

  18. diondrajevans says:

    i dont really know lol but on the tub it just says fades away stretch marks
    and acne spots

  19. Jay Brown says:

    Man Glaborbelle: your one gorgeous lady, baby. are you married. if so he
    must be one lucky dude.

  20. Glamorbelle says:

    Thanks! It’s amazing what you can find at the hardware store, lol.

  21. Glamorbelle says:

    Oh I see. Thanks for checking.

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