Hair style for short hair

Hairstyle for short hair. If you would like to see more of me you can now follow me on ……. Twitter: Google Me: Blogger: Hi5: Facebook:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. mocha71307 says:

    i loved how fast you were going…others take about 2 hours tryin to get that style…thx you for givin me ideas…knowing the right products to use…and some musical entertainment as well…oh i can’t forget about the dating advice at the end..”do not txt him more than 2 sentences” :)

  2. OoohLalaTV says:

    Cute…but takes too long I can’t do it

  3. Shondabu2012 says:

    every body i see doing something to their hair who has short hair, has pretty silky short hair. my hair is really frizzy and dry. how do i get it to look so silky and nice? if it looked like that i would have way higher self esteem

  4. cece4lyfe123 says:

    Anybody know what kind of cut she has???

  5. Plangs806 says:

    your eyebrows is baddd gurr(: very pretty!

  6. accraig says:

    You said you only flat iron it once or twice out of the whole 6wks…Are those the times you shampoo your hair?

  7. QuEEnNiNaMaRie says:

    BeauTeeFul n Cute.. You RoCk GurlFrienD.. LoVe yo Hair.. Sendin Blessings 2U 

  8. SuperLimera1n says:

    very nice

  9. sanaperry says:

    I just got a super short cut and had no clue how I was going to maintain it, but i did a search and found your video. I was so depressed about my short do, but your video gave me hope. I’m sure i could replicate this style. thanks for sharing. I’m subscribing.

  10. Kaylin011 says:

    not only were you jammin but your hair is too cute
    very helpful video

  11. nich0lrenee says:


  12. divastar000 says:

    what type of curler are u using

  13. Izzyisnotsocoollike says:

    It’s official I have a cow lick (and no a cow has not licked my hair!)

  14. alligilling says:

    i love this, i will try it at the end of this week

  15. MrsChrisBreezy318 says:

    i recently just cut my hair and its about the same as yours… its very hard for me to maintain and keeop the back of my hair looking good how do you do it

  16. sexiChiCC says:

    i love that look for u great job

  17. crouche6 says:

    u should buy a 1/2 inch flat iron they work much better and easier

  18. xleelee704x says:

    i love it!!! now i can do my hair myself..yay!

  19. xXSpectedXz says:

    your so pretty!

  20. kho4kho says:

    do u use straighteners everyday?

  21. chemetris says:

    where did u get the silky hair foam from cuz i cant woRK wit motions eitheR

  22. locanancy1 says:

    how you maintain your hair in the nights

  23. locanancy1 says:

    how you maintain your hair in the nights

  24. dcforevs1 says:

    @leilani7896 wats wrong with big lips? thats really rude

  25. quilaaj says:

    lOl , u was bangin Boosie . Yoou Livee !

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