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  1. hairpolitik says:

    Regarding interracial dating, I say love who you want but don’t disrespect a whole group of people to justify your decision. I get really tired of hearing some say “I don’t date black/asian/etc women because they are…” or I date these women because they are “easy”?! Seriously? You don’t have to justify your choice and the fact that you feel you need to suggests you feel insecure or know that you may have an identity issue and are deflecting your emotions onto a particular group. Deal with it!

  2. lisa2cool4u says:

    your legs are super toned!!plz make a vid about your workout routine

  3. HisDaughter88 says:

    she was saying that it’s not good that she doesn’t do cardio

  4. agadonk says:

    why is cardio no good?

  5. HoneyTee89 says:

    Awe wow my baby girl was born on this day how cool! :) She’ll be 4months in 2days

  6. thoraxtofu says:

    This is a beautiful outfit.

  7. LuvitHeart says:

    That’s just too cute.. You start your LUVNaturals business on Valentine’s Day.. And your last name is Love. luv it luv it luv it. Kammay you’re one of my Idol’s.. As for swimmers I recommend my clients to first saturate their hair with water and conditioner and to use a swim cap. Your hair is like a sponge and can only soak up so much before it has to be rung out

  8. LaLindaMelina says:

    For swimmers i heard olive oil or jojoba oil in ur hair before you go swimming good for to block out the cholrine


    hey kimmay they say put deep conditioner on your hair before you swim…..i think it helps!


    hey kimmay they say put deep conditioner on your hair before you swim…..i think it helps!

  11. melanin12345 says:


  12. superbadgirl87 says:

    Happy Birthday

  13. lilmamakay2004 says:

    Oh wow, I can’t wait until your sista friend CEO series releases, reminds me of your How you got out of Debt video. Almost like it will be empowering for women, well anyone who accepts the material. I CAN’T WAIT. You inspire me SO much, THANK YOU!!

  14. RochelleHansonMusic says:

    Your shows are getting REALLY good! Loved this episode Kim :)

  15. cocoapeach says:

    @kimmaytube I started to ask you what RHR was but I decided to google it instead, and found it stands for “Resting Heart Rate”. Figured I’d post it here in case some other folks were curious lol.

  16. Jenjenaturals says:

    I cannot wait for the sisterfriend CEO :-)

  17. aubainmc says:

    She’s definitely still alive!! lol You can see that if you look at her profile. She logged in 5 days ago. She’ll be back when she can I hope.

  18. acamp410 says:

    Getting nervous! Hope your hair (and everything else) is ok!

  19. stephanylani says:

    I think people meant, how do you style your hair when you work out. For example, some wrap it in a scarf, some just do a high bun/ponytail, etc.

  20. naturalcontentment19 says:

    It’s been a while since you’ve been on here. You must have a lot of work to do. Keep up the great work, your doing a great job!

  21. SimplyElan says:

    I love how you do your videos! Professional, fun and informative! Keep doing your thing. =)

  22. sunkissbrown says:

    gurl share your workout cause that mid section is flat. help a sister out gurl the summer is just around the corner. Holla at your gurl!

  23. musiclover77able says:

    I think that today’s interracial relationships are mostly either revenge inspired, stereotypical, or because of societal beatuy standards. At least back in the 1960s and earlier, interracial relationships were for love, and it was BARELY any trash talking about their own group even though they date/marry out. Nowadays, interracial relationships are done for the wrong reasons, and I don’t care what nobody say, but I think most interracial relationships are done out of revenge.

  24. rostandfl says:

    It’s sad when someone says they ‘prefer’ one race or another because they essentially eliminate entire population in which they may have found love. I’ve heard “he has to be THIS race, THIS height, make THIS amount of money, have THIS color hair or eyes”…it gets ridiculously specific and makes a person seem unable to accept the HUMAN race as it is. And, yes, I’ve been married 10 beautiful years to a Cuban/German/Scot loving man and I can say I’m African/Irish/Indian but just prefer American.

  25. MissRemedy082012 says:

    did you lose weight you look ,fab.

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