Why Does Black People Hair Not Grow Or Take Long To Grow?

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  1. MisMupp says:

    Black people are diverse and not everyone has trouble growing their
    hair..Sometimes you have to figure out what works for you. People ask me
    how I grow mine and the biggies are 1) I stopped torturing my hair with
    excessive heat and harsh chemicals 2) keep hair moisturized 3) keep scalp
    clean and nourished. I wash frequently. Works well for me.

  2. AGPassport says:

    I put a relaxer on my hair is it like a perm? Is it bad 

  3. Esdot StPeter says:


  4. Gianna Goggins says:


  5. Heather Bonin says:

    This was very informative. I’ve always been sort of interested in the
    nature of black hair. And because I don’t have any close friends that are
    A.A., I don’t really have the opportunity to be exposed to that education.
    And asking always seems to be such a sensitive thing for people like me who
    have the only best of intentions of just learning about something about
    other people that I don’t have experience with, and not coming from a
    negative place with my curiosities without mistakingly being accused of
    something that is the farthest from my mind.
    Looking forward to checking out more of your videos.
    Happy Holidays! :-) 

  6. Dariana Watkins says:

    My Grandmother Perms Her Hair and She Has The Most Beautiful Hair Ever and
    It Is Based Her Shoulders …. I Think It’s Just How well You Take Care Of
    Your Hair 

  7. GoldNava says:

    Thanks for this it explains so much!

  8. Diamond Johnson says:

    Buying the book. Wow. Thanks! 

  9. jenny b says:

    Our hair does grow tf 

  10. Donte Bailey says:

    My girls hair is very long just take care of it…

  11. Legends of War says:

    How come black men hair you can see the results but black females hair
    growth dosent show

  12. ALA LA says:

    yes some black women can grow long hair as well…but it’s all about
    genetics and as much as we don’t want to hear about the word genetics…it
    has a huge role to play in regards to hair growth rate, length and
    thickness….there’s something called terminal length as well…in which
    your hair reaches a certain length and then stops…..so yes some black
    women hair can grow really long but it’s all in the persons genes as well.

  13. Sheconna Merritt says:

    Breanna, I appreciate the time you take in presenting your information
    concerning hair care and various hair styles so professionally. God bless
    you in your endeavors. I believe it does not matter if you wear your
    natural hair, braids, or a weave, it is important to remember to take care
    of your natural hair as well as the extensions. Black people are not the
    only ones that wear weave. If you take a look at a lot of old movies with
    White actresses even to date they too where weaves and extension in their
    hair. Even on YouTube you can find tutorial with Whites and other ethnic
    groups adding weave and extension to their hair. I will rock my natural,
    braids, or a weave it doesn’t mean I hate my race or I am trying to be like
    another race or that I don’t take care of my natural hair. It is actually
    fun wearing different styles, colors, or length without having to put all
    the stress on my own hair. It is no different than rocking your own sense
    of clothing style…as long as you are happy with who you are that is what
    is most important…we should embrace, encourage, and respect one another
    as oppose to attempting to degrade or belittle one another…If your hair
    is long, short, straight, coily, kinky, or you have no hair at all be
    confident in what you do and don’t let anyone steal your joy or your
    shine…Peace and Blessings to all!!!

  14. Just Peachy says:

    Can you still grow your hair while wearing weave/a protective style? If so,
    how do you keep your hair moisturized while wearing a weave?

  15. sullyobrien1 says:

    What you just said in this under 7 minute video took me almost a week of
    researching to find out….thank’s for this, so informative, im excited to
    start growing my hair out…only been a week and I can already see a
    difference! I wish I had known all this information when I was a kid but I
    guess it’s never too late to start

  16. Angela Grant says:

    Wonderful information. Thank you.

  17. DetectiveTective says:

    Everyone can grow their hair long! :D
    I’ve met an Australian who was half Chinese and half Russian
    Her hair was long, I think down to her chest, but she said it took her five
    years to get that length after having chopped off most of it. My hair is
    barely two years natural, and I’m already close to her length (when
    straightened). So I feel like no matter if your hair is the straightest or
    the kinkiest, it doesn’t really affect your hair growth. That depends on
    genetics and length retention.
    I really like your vids. You make very good points, and I love your fro. It
    just shapes your face so well!

  18. Powell Delly says:

    I never can’t grow my hair

  19. Laelonnie Mickey says:

    How do u grow long hair can u please make a video of like step 1 and step 2
    because it looks like my hair is long but that’s fake my hair is crinky and
    at my ears

  20. Jennifer Sixx says:

    My hair grows in thickness not in length. It’s so annoying

  21. Atong A says:

    cuz of hair extensions sadly.

  22. katdaddimd says:

    Some people, regardless of race, will never have long hair. This is fact.
    The best way to get the hair you want is to take great care of and love the
    hair that you have.

  23. PanamericanistaM0R3Na says:

    Ignorance… If you take care of your hair, you’ll see results. Stop
    wearing weaves, and stop perming and burning your hair out, and actually
    take care of it. Only blacks in the world who have trouble growing their
    hair out are african americans. African americans are obsessed with weaves
    and perms. 

  24. mariam giwa says:

    I want to grow my hair how do I do I that

  25. Katherine Christopher says:

    so what OILS DO YOU recommend Black hair? and How Often?

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