TYT – Extended Clip August 25, 2011

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  1. فيصل الجبر says:


  2. bunkmasterflex says:

    I think we should all take a moment to appreciate steve-o’s comments, for him to reveal that publicly is a great service. I hope it resonates with everyone else as much as it did more me. It takes a real man to admit something like that.

  3. bunkmasterflex says:

    Fuck off Charlie

  4. psyk0munkee says:

    Once again, I am not suggesting it is her legal right to torture. Do you think that sending her to jail will suddenly cause her to stop being abusive? Your punishment is arbitrary and does not fix the root of the problem, which is that she is allowed the privilege of raising a child. By taking that away from her, you take away her power to hurt any more children, since she would still be able to do that after she got out of jail, which will inevitably happen.

  5. Laughingblades says:

    Yes let’s let her get away with psychologically torturing foster children and defend that as her legal right, then turn around and suggest that a slap on the wrist is the right way to handle a woman who takes children who’ve lost their parents and subjects them to water torture.

  6. psyk0munkee says:

    No, you aren’t, thanks for putting words in my mouth. I personally believe that you should be required to have a license to raise children. There is an easy solution, you take the kid away from her and don’t allow her to adopt without demonstrating she can properly care for a child. Using my tax money to send her to jail is a waste, because she will probably come out worse than before. Instead, you punish her by taking away her privilege to have another child.

  7. ooMONKEYoo says:

    I was okay with the hot sauce, but the cold shower was too far.

  8. alvisc2002 says:

    TYT doesn’t come up on the front of youtube politics anymore?? :(
    same goes for Alex Jones Adam vs The Man and Russia Today.
    what gives???

  9. flamevizier says:

    im glad lol

  10. Domzdream says:

    Yes. I was hoping you’d notice that jesus bit. It’s called humour dude. But you’re right, I accidentally used the words benevolent rather than ambivolent. What can I say, they sound similar.

  11. millitantatheist1 says:

    you misunderstood me, i was acknowledging that my comment was a little dramatic, not accusing it of you.

    “I don’t see what parents agreement has to do with it” laws are created by people who(generally) either are parents or plan on becoming one, i guess ill rephrase it, why would any sane adult choose to give up power?

    and im saying that if one thing leaves a child with both pysical and psychological scars it is worse than one that merely leaves psychological ones.

  12. MrCommentingisfun says:

    I still don’t think you’re getting what I’m saying. On my first point, let me simplify: Psychological harm is more damaging to a child than physical harm in most cases. The reason why we abhor physical harm is because it has a psychological effect.

    re second point: Please re-read your first comment before accusing me of being dramatic.
    I don’t see what parents’ agreement has to do with it: I’m saying that the law could easily be extended to cover this kind of abuse.

  13. Laughingblades says:

    Yes because it’s her right to subject a child to water torture, amiright?

  14. psyk0munkee says:

    Notice, he did not defend it, he only said that she shouldn’t be criminally prosecuted. Know what you’re talking about before you get all self-righteous. I don’t agree with it either, but sending her to jail is ridiculous.

  15. psyk0munkee says:

    The extended clips are getting shorter and shorter. I understand that you guys are trying to make money to run your show, but you are only keeping poor people from watching more of your content. Namely me. I miss listening to Cenk for at least half an hour, because I don’t have the patience for news now if it doesn’t come from you guys. Please bring it back to at least 45 minutes so we can defend ourselves with knowledge.

  16. erdal0 says:

    Children should have the same rights as Humans. They can’t defend themselves. Cenk you are a moron. What would you do if i came to your house put hotsause in your wives mouth and then squirt in her mouth to finish it?

  17. millitantatheist1 says:

    without lasting psychological harm, welts are the lesser of two evils, the reality is that physical punishment both physically and mentally damages the child, just mental damage is preferable.
    “Your second objection reads like nonsense, though. All I was saying is that the legal issues Cenk tries to raise are moot.”
    a bit dramatic, i was intending to show that parents hold the only power in the relationship. why would they agree to something that takes away their power?

  18. VarmitCoyote says:

    This isn’t the entire show, and they don’t post everything on YouTube. You have to be a member at their website to get everything.

  19. MrCommentingisfun says:

    I think I understand the confusion here. I didn’t mean that beating a child to the point where they had welts wouldn’t cause psychological harm. The statement should have read “Welts (and for the sake of argument let’s assume they can be applied without any psychological effect”). I think I ran out of space.

    Your second objection reads like nonsense, though. All I was saying is that the legal issues Cenk tries to raise are moot.

  20. VarmitCoyote says:

    21:57 Because TYTSports is getting an average 47.4 new subscribers per day this past month, whereas TYTUniversity is getting an average 147.9 new subscribers each day, and TYTUniversity has, as of right now…

    …2,943 more subscribers, by comparison. And, actually, upon closer inspection, those TYTU numbers are slightly misleading by being conservative. If I take just the past week, TYTU is gaining 223.3 sub’s per day and TYTS is getting 48.2.

    The math is simple. TYTU is winning. *Shrugs*

  21. amitp2 says:

    Where is the section of Cenk where he was going to talk about HP India support?

  22. Bjorn Caffe says:

    I see what you did there.

  23. Murd3rKotik says:

    If cenk could stand in the shower with freezing water for a minute .. in the winter to simulate Alaska weather … I will buy a membership for tyt for as long as there is a tyt … i know he couldnt do it

  24. rad4life1 says:

    If Kidaffi really likes Rice, makes me wonder how evil she is…..

  25. FreestateofOkondor says:

    Pouring hot sauce on your toddlers mouth is actually physical torture because the receptors on the tongue transmit the taste of something hot as pure pain ergo hot sauce in the mouth equals a beating and is therefore a case of child abuse and criminal

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