The Truth ABOUT Black Women & Their Hair

In youtube search type in “Black Women and Their Hair – One Mo’ Gen” watch the video and this “Black Woman vs. Their Hair” Many women just have no idea what …

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  1. Misscardiothoracic says:

    As an Indian woman, I find it a bit odd that there are 100s of videos by
    black women describing how to look after Indian hair weave. It’s strange
    that a woman would attach something that has come from another body to her
    natural hair, unless of course it was falling out because of cancer,then
    there are wigs. Black hair is beautiful and individual. It’s not what’s on
    outside that counts, but your inner beauty and the way you conduct yourself
    with others.

  2. LADiiSARCASTiiK says:

    @BiracialGirl1977 ….

  3. Barbarianvibrations says:

    If God wills, I’ll never do any of this to my child’s hair.

  4. Aliah Beaut says:

    @chilla0803 LEVITICUS Chapter 13 … read it then get back to me

  5. Noah Monroe says:

    @DrunkXpunk87 yes it does. my hair and my other friends hair is long as my
    butt. XP

  6. CocoaBrownSugar says:

    i love the vid fianally a solution

  7. Noah Monroe says:

    @DrunkXpunk87 That because you are white. Why are so many white people like
    you so ignorant and hateful? Look around youtube. There are hate comments
    about other races all over. If your not African American than why the hell
    do you bother, or even care to post a comment about it? Ignorant. That is
    what you are.

  8. Ann Kay says:

    Likes the video

  9. HardCoreNatural4X says:

    Wonderfully said my friend!

  10. JKS2020 says:

    @Debaser11 Crackkas love kids.

  11. BlackPride1000 says:

    Go Back ! Go Back to- Braids, Afros, Naturals, Dreads, A Short Ceaser. Love
    Your Blackness. You are lovely.. You Dont need to look like that Skank
    Trick. You are a Queen. Love You Baby.

  12. 90rashad says:

    What’s so unique about our hair, is that we are the only people on the
    planet that obtain that texture. Our hair grows up, while other races hair
    grows downward. Our hair have the ability to withstand gravity. That’s so
    amazing. We have to accept the fact.That’s our phenotype is different from
    every other race. Something about us is special.Nature chose us to be the
    most different.Black women must embrace their hair, and accept the fact
    that it’s able to reach for the sky, regardless of gravity.

  13. Rose A says:

    Thats not true… i have long curly hair that sometimes tangles and would
    NEVERRRR relax it or wear a wig over it unless its halloween!

  14. Sky Moss says:

    @DrunkXpunk87 Umm excuse me!? I am a fully black woman and my hair is down
    the middle of my back. So don’t talk shit about what you DON’T KNOW!

  15. La Violet Shugart says:


  16. BiracialGirl1977 says:

    @LADiiSARCASTiiK 4. ) To me, in my opinion , if it was just about covering
    up the bald spots because of damage from years of a relaxer and also at the
    same time if it was just to have longer hair like I’ve heard a lot of black
    women say… then they would go out and just find the closest to their hair
    grade ( coarseness , not talking about texture ) that they could find and
    thats NOT what happens.

  17. kristensing1 says:

    i know like fuck you white ass bitchand white people wont to look like
    black people bitch bitch fuck up

  18. Noah Monroe says:

    @DrunkXpunk87 I’m not no damn typical nigger. And my butt does not sag. I
    will never wear any wigs/weaves shit like that because I’m proud of my
    hair. You need to get off youtube because you have no gutts to say this to
    a real A.A’s face. And you act like black hair can’t grow long. I actually
    have alot of rewards in Language Arts, Grammer ETC. So go ahead and say
    crap that does not even make sense. You don’t even know the types of
    African Americans. There are 3 types of course. You dont know

  19. guitarbabe21 says:

    I just do crochet braids every 2 to 3 months. I don’t mess with weaves and
    glue and all that stuff that can damage your hair more. the crochet braids
    have really helped my hair in growth. SO I just stick to that.

  20. sheliene12 says:

    @sheliene12 We have the most unique hair in the world. We cover it up
    because it is short from all the damage so now many cover it up. Most women
    like long hair. not all but most. We can have our own long hair. We just
    need more education that we have not been getting. Thanks to YouTube and
    alternative natural hair care products, I am learning. No longer a slave to
    the perm. Now my natural hair is on my shoulders.

  21. Aliah Beaut says:

    @AliahBeaut read the bible if you was found to have blonde hair and light
    spots you were cursed! black people are the only type of people with our
    hair because we are original

  22. Aliah Beaut says:

    For all these back and forth stuff going on in the comments, Be BLACK &
    PROUD. we are the orginal ppl, google-who are/were the orginal people, and
    black people will be the first thing to pop up. we are MAN and they are
    MANKIND. we have to keep educating black people the truth and not the lies
    they tell us. It’s nothing wrong with having natural hair

  23. 90rashad says:

    you have the top comment on the video. To keep you updated.

  24. 0119alt says:

    Relaxed, natural, weaved….as long as you are HAPPY and feel that you are
    BEAUTIFUL, who give a crap about what state your hair is in. Hair is hair.
    As long as a woman feels good about herself, and not PUTTING OTHERS DOWN IN
    THE PROCESS (ahem) then that is all that matters to me. wear your hair
    however you feel suits you. 3 yrs napptual in november btw…

  25. Larra Praino says:

    Its not exclusive to Black Women, its a women thing

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