The Science of Black Hair: Pages 126-142

This review is all about hair tools & how they effect the health of your hair. We will discuss combs, brushes, hairties, detangling, etc. Feel free to post y…

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  1. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Hey girlie! Ok, here is my NEW moisturizing routine. I rotate each week. 1 wk Moisture: Pre-Poo with castor, olive, and sweet almond oils; cowash suave coconut; shea moisture leave-in; seal with castor oil concoction. Next week Protein products: Pre-Poo castor, coconut, and olive oils; co-wash V05 Strawberries & Cream; Deep Condition Shea Moisture; Seal castor oil. Also, every other day mist hair with water, glycerin, aloe mixture and seal hair with castor oil mixture. Hope this helps! :-)

  2. cooterbaby2002 says:

    How many times during the month do u do each regimen? Do u moisturize 2 times a month n then protein just once a month?

  3. HealthyHairRiddles says:


  4. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Hey there! So glad to hear you got the book. Please post your “aha” moments and what you will be changing in your hair regimen. I’d love to know what products you will keep and rotate out. Also, if you have any hair recipes, please share! ;-) HAPPY GROWING!

  5. sylviassuccess says:

    Awesome, just found you today,I bought the book 3 days ago and I am just hooked. Great job detailing.

  6. Lyndell Moore says:

    Great Video!

  7. MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    Yes i do love this book! Thanks for checking out my channel :)

  8. Mama Daye says:

    @HealthyHairRiddles nice update. Thank you!! I so love this book club!!

  9. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Hey Mama Daye, quick update. My hair really did love the protein regimen I tried and it did not get all dry. I pre-pood with V05 Strawberries & Cream & (Castor, Coconut, Almond, and Olive oils & added honey). Went into wet sauna 15 minutes. Then co-washed with V05 Strawberries & Cream and used Shea Moisture leave-in conditioner. So, now I give my hair protein with moisturizing products like honey & leave-in and I had no dry issues!!! :-0) So happy I had to share!

  10. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Hey there! Don’t you just love the book. Please share your thoughts we do have a few newbies on here who love feedback on hair! I just finished correcting my overproteinated hair issue! Thank God for Audrey’s book! Going to check out your channel now! ;-)

  11. MyNaturalMyChoice says:

    Hello. I have this book and i live by it in regards to my hair. Awesome video! Just subbed. It would mean a lot if you sub back. Thanks.

  12. Mama Daye says:

    Ok thank you sis

  13. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Oooh thanks for the tip on Mason Pearson. I will check out their reviews. You know I am MORTIFIED about using a comb with a SEAM!!!! LOL

  14. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Audre emphasized doing wet to and feel what your hair needs. She also said once your hair is corrected from over proteining it u should switch each week back & forth between using moisturizing products & protein products. I was a little scared & was only using moisture products, but in the book I learned I have to have protein too. Now on protein week I co-wash with V05 & add coconut to my pre-poo. I add honey to pre-poo too & use moisturizing leave-in to make sure hair doesn’t get dried out.

  15. Mama Daye says:

    Hey sis I have a question in reference to the moisture routine and the protein routine. So with the protein treatment week do you swap every other week or is it a knowing your hair and switching?

  16. MrsTrip98 says:

    Are you planning to make videos showing how you are applying the information you learned? If so, maybe insert those tips then??

  17. MrsTrip98 says:

    You are on top if it!

  18. MrsTrip98 says:

    Me too :)

  19. MrsTrip98 says:

    I mostly detangle with my fingers and my knock off Denman brush. However, I have heard a lot of good things about the Mason Pearson comb. DenimPixie and JCokes7 have reviews on it.

  20. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Awww thanks! I’m glad we are all learning. I really learn better in the group format and getting feedback from you all is amazing. Let me know what brand of seamless comb you use. As soon as I get the name from my hair mentor, I will share as well. Also, let me know if you think the other Aha Moments are worth me posting the video. Thanks so much!

  21. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Yes…I did NOT realize the importance tools played in keeping my hair healthy. The fact that I could be doing all the work: washing, conditioning & detangling, but then USING the wrong tools could destroy all the hard work was a big AHA moment. It’s like buying healthy food & frying it in crisco…It’s not healthy anymore. So, I’m doing an overhaul on my tools & getting rid of all combs that are not seamless or have serrated edges. Next reading assignment is all @ PROTECTIVE STYLING so excited!

  22. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Can’t wait for your video! I just need to re-order my clarifying shampoo and I will be good to go! I should have gone to the natural product swap and got rid of what i didn’t need and picked up some products I wanted to try, but I was too busy ;-( so now I’ll have to purchase them!

  23. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    Yes! The STRATEGY makes ALL the difference! pH testing, alternating between moisture & protein products! When I use my protein conditioner V05 to co-wash, I add coconut oil to the pre-poo & honey (for moisture). So I use protein at the BEGINNING stage of washing, but THEN I use a moisturizing leave-in (Shea Moisture) so I balance the protein & it does not get dried out or feel brittle. I want to make a moisturizing spritz since my water pH is a little high. Water, aloe juice, & tsp glycerin.

  24. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    OMG! Those are exactly my other AHA moments. I could not get it all in the info in the video & thought it might be too lengthy & people might not watch the Part 2. Maybe I should post another vid w/ tips bcuz it’s good info & I already filmed it. Thoughts?? I could also ad other AHAs I left out: 3 different wash methods (I use the Break Free Braid Up Method except I twist), Water temperature (don’t wash with hot water & importance of cool rinse), Tips on scissors & cleaning combs & clips.

  25. HealthyHairRiddles says:

    I really want to try those hairpins and I am on the mission to get the seemless comb asap. My hair mentor has one so I am calling her now to see when I see and feel it to see if I like it. Then, I will order it. I wonder if Sally’s carries a seamless comb? Yep, It was happy to finally learn the difference between a Pre-Poo & Hot Oil treatment. She did give a recipe which reminded me of you. 1/2 cup conditioner and/or oil and 1/4 cup honey. Warm it up and use as a pre-poo. My hair loved it!

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