The Kevin Nealon Show – Aries Spears – Taking It Too Far

Aries Spears acts out his sexual fantasies on the Kevin Nealon show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. SHOW TIX: Follow us: Like us:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. eminembadreminem says:

    Amazing how he can talk !

  2. deftones1324 says:

    hies so fat now! but he still funny as hell

  3. FantastyckplastycK says:

    yeah he sure didd

  4. jbentley8383 says:

    Man…Why do I have a feeling he’s gonna be the next Comedian to past away….

    Just think…Bernie Mac..John Candy…My man from House Party(Forgot his name)…..Chris Farley…..they were basically all overweight.

    Is Spears next?
    He’s getting bigger by the year..

  5. lildashmizz says:

    Dude. MadTv getting cancelled really ruined him. Bless him still funny though

  6. HolTukIj says:

    just hate kevin’s fake laugh

  7. nichko92 says:

    holy shit he got fat … damn man …

  8. IamKurdSon says:

    Aries watch the f out mahn

  9. fallbaktryf1 says:

    o man…wow

  10. lb8755 says:

    sooo that Method commercial is pretty awesome

  11. joe mamashouse says:

    didn’t he die?

  12. da1on2 says:

    Am I the only one that found the Chocolate tequila shot fucking hilarious?

  13. garchomp119568 says:

    hes gotten really fat since his mad tv days

  14. abofalla says:

    he’s so fuckin’ high

  15. lilbusrider says:

    No! Aries you are turned on by Popeye chicken dinners. Lose weight bro this is unnecessary .

  16. chamblizi says:


  17. Jaahhk says:

    give the guy a break… this isn’t MAD TV days anymore… he could prolly afford to shed some unwanted poundage, though. haha

  18. Trigunflame says:

    got damn. treadmill, stat.

  19. AshisogiiJizo says:

    rofl, Aries did this joke in his last stand-up special, Look Hollywood, I’m Smiling, but it’s still funny to see it live. XD

  20. hugewolf666 says:

    fat is funny.

  21. iShowUFO says:

    He looks like bizarr From D12 Now! LOLOLOL

  22. PaTroNxMoD says:

    This nigga got fat

  23. anuragborn2rock says:

    why is nicolas cage hosting these things?

  24. OuterSpace90 says:

    Damn he did get pretty fat but he still funny

  25. NMaalo says:

    lmao aries has some kinky idea nigga got fetishes and shit LMAO

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