THE FINAL REHEARSAL: A segment from the award winning TV documentary special TANGLES & LOCKS. TV ONE /DIRECT TV(Ch.241)/COMCAST (VOD) Produced & Directed by Phil Paul Call Property of Edutainment Films, LLC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. philpaulcall says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I filmed it back in late 2003 and it was completed in April 2004 for the TV ONE network. The premier was in 2005 and its aired over 100xs since then. It is a 90 minute documentary.

  2. hornybodhisattva says:

    when was this 1994???

  3. anticongent says:

    null points because forward blocked

  4. trinigyalwiner says:

    that was so good!! post the rest!!

  5. 2sexxyfaya says:

    cool!!! when r u all comeing 2 Detroit?

  6. Angielyrica says:

    look like erday shit

  7. Tristan1002 says:

    Why doesn’t this event have major sponsorship from Johnson, etc.?
    Did dude just say, “Bite it like a piece of chicken”?

  8. Stube87 says:

    NIce video

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