Straightening natural hair, My 1 Year hair growth update http Facebook Hydratherma Naturals Facebook Fan Page Twitter Hello everyone! This video shows how I straightened my hair on my 1 year ‘big chop’ anniversary. I do not blow out my hair often because it can be very damaging if done on a regular basis. My hair grows at the rate of 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month and I have been able to retain length by keeping my ends well moisturized with the Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth lotion and sealing in the moisture with the Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Oil on a daily basis. In cold / dry weather I may do this twice a day. All songs in this video- Brandenburg, Fanfare and Dirty Orchestra are by Black Violin. I own no copyrights to any of these songs.
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  1. DefinePrivacy says:

    @redjeans214 Same here! It seems like my natural hair is remaining the same length. It was growing like crazy, but now it seems like it wont grow past my shoulders…

  2. chynawick says:

    Yes this video is Fantastic, but its good to use Zenegan Shampoo as it does not hab any side effects. It is simpler to use and fast.

  3. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @redjeans214 Yes, deep conditioning with heat is better. It allows the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair strand easier. Maybe you can try one of our Hydratherma Naturals hair therapy wraps so you wont have to sit under the dryer :-)

  4. redjeans214 says:

    I’am having that smae problem u talked about my hair just stays the same length even if it grows it just always breaks & stay the same length. So what I was wondering is sitting under a dryer really necessary when u r deep conditioning or putting a treatment in ur hair, can u just leave the conditioner on for a extra amount of time & get the same effect ?? Unless I’am in a salon I just don’t have teh patients 2 sit under a dryer : (

  5. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @wataki2 yes, i use the ion brand or jazzing rinses thanks!

  6. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @bellanatural01 Typically, I straighten every couple of months. thx

  7. bellanatural01 says:

    how often do you straighten your hair?

  8. pmiles424 says:

    I love your hair! I haven’t done a BIG chop yet..but I have done a medium sized one. lol Thinking about doing that big chop NOW! I will definitely be purchasing these products. ***By the way…….you resemble Diana Ross.

  9. wataki2 says:

    Do u dye ur hair at all? because im so in love with the color.

  10. jmeekz22 says:


  11. TDFandHSlove says:

    i loveeeee black violin too! i didn’t know other people knew about them :)

  12. leolea23 says:

    your beautiful and so is your hair :)

  13. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @QUEENMTS It really depends on the weather. 3 days with bad humid weather 10 -14 days in great weather.

  14. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @beLLastelz09 14 inches i think

  15. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @beLLastelz09 Hi! I buy from alia on yt. handmade SATIN SCARVES. ON ESTY

  16. beLLastelz09 says:

    I like your video! Could you please tell me where you purchased your scarf at? And also, how long is it so I can make sure I buy the right length. Thanks! : )

  17. beLLastelz09 says:

    I like your video! Could you please tell me where you purchased your scarf at? And also, how long is it so I can make sure I buy the right length. Thanks! : )

  18. QUEENMTS says:

    When you flat iron it how long does it usually last?

  19. beffie1017 says:

    Thank you, I am in cosmetology school and taking guests now. I am very new to styling natural hair. This video I going to help me. Thanks again.

  20. ILuvChocolate2012 says:

    It’s been 3 months since I cut off my hair, I cant wait for my 1 year anniversary of natural hair! Your hair is beautiful :)

  21. PrincessZahraaa says:

    Your hair is beautiful…i shaved my hair bald in 2009 and i was tempted to relax it but you inspired me not to.

  22. FoodLoverLP says:

    can you still use these products if you don’t have natural hair

  23. ayapuma22 says:

    @HealthyHairJourney ohh okey thank you! :)

  24. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @nicegyrl1 yup. I sure do but when I straighten my hair I use a lot less product because I like the bouncy look. thx.

  25. HealthyHairJourney says:

    @ababayy113 lol. Yes i love that song too. I can’t remember the exact name but it is on ths same album.

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