SPOOKTACULAR w/ Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley, Bethinshow & DailyGrace LIVE – 10/24/12 (Full Ep)

What?! Halloween one week early with your favorites Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, and our fearful host, Beth Hoyt! We also have an EXCLUSIVE extra from the Super Amazing Project! Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil will make a special appearance during the show. Don’t miss it! Hannah Hart: www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Tyler Oakley: www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Beth Hoyt: www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Grace Helbig: www.youtube.com www.mydamnchannel.com www.twitter.com Nate: www.youtube.com www.twitter.com More My Damn Channel: www.mydamnchannel.com http www.facebook.com

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  1. David Butler says:

    Smosh costumes?

  2. dowdyjessica says:

    i am so sorry.

  3. Mikeygetfreaky says:

    its toooooo fancy make it more homey ppl!!!

  4. Tom Montella says:

    who knows we may sharing love before the nighy is through?

  5. Tom Montella says:

    more than she knows!

  6. Tom Montella says:

    but i love her alot!

  7. Tom Montella says:

    oh she can see ! but she passes me!?

  8. Sarah LeVrier says:

    :’( im allergic 2 candycorn

  9. TacomaPaul says:

    Notice how long video is ?
    66.6 minutes ! (well, damn close).

  10. AJ Currao says:

    daily grace and tyler ommg love

  11. TheCharlotteJaxon says:

    grace knows whats shes talking about w the halloween candy faorites and worsts.

  12. stanphries says:

    Spooky electronic organ Harlem Globetrotters theme starts at 6:23

  13. soyuncatacol says:

    Tyler, Hannah, Grace, Dan, Phil…. I just…. I’ve lost my ability to even! <3

  14. TheMeliisssa says:

    I hope they got their chainsaws at lowes lol grace

  15. leighannaloves1D says:

    *creepy guys in the haunted house is trying to touch them*
    Grace: “YOU NEED A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!”
    bwhahahahhah hahahhaaahhah XD

  16. Josie b says:

    grace sounds like lady gaga 3:58

  17. ILoveOneDirection180 says:

    U go Tyler

  18. CandyTheBrain says:

    grace: No touching no touching !!
    You need a girlfriend !!
    Add me on Facebook!!
    Me: LOL i think i just pissed myself

  19. stopitahmad says:

    pascatarien !

  20. MissSlideyy says:

    I like Grace’s reaction to Hannah dying at 29:22 haha

  21. kayla m says:

    i find it funny that the only vegietirian gets all the real parts ily grace

  22. kayla m says:

    one time i was home alone whatching a video on youtube and the medicine chest door fell off the hinges and i wasnt anywhere near it i was like O_O

  23. isthelettucenotragin says:

    the fact that i watched all of this….

  24. Andres Sastre says:

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