Sophisticate’s Black Hair Live at the Bronner Bros. Hair Show Feb. 2010

Television and film star Raven Symone looking hair fabulous at SBH’s booth at Bronners! Did you see her?

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  1. strongwombyn says:

    Either way ….she has adorable faces like she want to smile midwayyyy….Shes got it going on ;D

  2. strongwombyn says:

    Damn alll em ppl up in here buisness……she is like alright…it is just hair….

  3. Lovelybones1966 says:

    Me too. She looks great

  4. childofgod99 says:

    I love her hair!! Rock it, Raven!

  5. ana102345 says:

    i like her hair it looks cute

  6. Euqinomics says:

    She finally looks like an adult! I like it.

  7. emontgom02 says:

    Hated it….

  8. acesoverkings22 says:

    HOLY FUCK She has a SKUNK ON HER HEAD!!!!! Was it dead?!!!

  9. decorator1 says:

    Yes I saw her there. I talked to alot celebrities while I was there.

  10. shereegillard says:

    i saw her there hair was cute

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