1. White girl says:

    It’s hair people… It’s hair

  2. TheMuzicsouljah says:

    Miss Underwood and friends.To try and convince black people (and everyone
    else) that you were just trying to be “funny” is a further and greater
    insult to black people. Yes you were TRYING to be ‘funny” but the problem
    is that it was at your expense although you surely thought it would only be
    at the expense of nappy headed black people. That’s like someone making an
    offensive racist~ sexist~ homophobic or religious comment and laughing
    about it but the when the comment backfires they say “I was just
    kidding…can’t you take a joke”?? If you are going to apologize then
    APPOLOGIZE Ya fcuked up AGAIN….BITCH! 

  3. White girl says:

    @supertruthful actually my screen name is sarcasm. I’m as Nubian as they

  4. White girl says:

    @super truthful. Actually my name is sarcasm. I’m as Nubian as they come

  5. TheMuzicsouljah says:

    IDGAF! This bitch is just trying to fix what went wrong. She thought it
    wasn’t going to be a problem but now that it is, she has to do the Harlem

  6. JR Ramos says:

    I love Sheryl Underwood.

  7. INTEGRITY557 says:

    I LOVE SHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. booma randy says:

    Bald head bitch

  9. SuperTruthful says:

    sheryl is disgusting and I have lost respect for her.

  10. WokenBlackQueen says:

    Her hair looked awful underneath that wig. The nerve of her to sit up there
    with that FAKE ass wig and insult black hair. She’s Lost.

  11. froochie123 says:

    A comedian without a provocative opinion is like beer without alcohol
    content. She’s entitled to think the way she does, if you didn’t like it
    you did’t have to listen to it. 

  12. Von Shai says:

    everyone knows that black women who only wear weaves and never show their
    real hair have some level of self hatred brewing, the apology is fake and
    she is fake, if only black women knew that white people make fun of them
    for wearing that hair, why would you purchase indians hair from koreans-
    both of those groups of people hate us, why not save your money and wear
    the hair god gave us; if you claim you love god and he makes no mistakes
    than you must know that your hair is no mistake either.

  13. Stressfree67 says:

    Sherly It’s cool, people take too much seriously. You’re a comedian I
    thought it was funny. We as a culture crack jokes on our hair so it’s a
    bunch of bullfrog. Much love, stop think, before there was no reason for
    you to apologize. Get some CM, LOL, Charlie Murphy Stand up. Keep it STRESS

  14. White girl says:

    Who cares

  15. 2Phaktor says:

    Crappy PC society…if you say something, repeat it and laugh about it, you
    meant it…OWN IT. She looked bad to me by apologizing like some simp. Grow
    a pair and own what you say, fuck what anyone else says….just be prepared
    for the backlash and take it like a grown adult.

  16. Thekenxb52 says:

    Oh Sheryl, you are so much cuter with your natural hair, really, I mean it,
    that’s how I view it. Now that that’s out of the way (the wig, I mean)
    please let me say that forgive your comment, it really wasn’t your fault.
    That was just your level of consciousness (or lack of) at that time in your
    sleep. The upside is that you drew attention to your sleep state

  17. phil lis dick says:

    She has a slave mentality

  18. Billybang53 says:


  19. phil lis dick says:

    Sheryl horse mouth azz

  20. Heather Harris says:
  21. Northern Light says:

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