Saturn’s Mysterious Moons

Watch this and other space videos at Watch in high-resolution 1080p. Launched three years before the new century… a spacecraft wound its way through the empty reaches of the solar system. On Earth, its progress was little noted, as it swung twice by the planet Venus, then our moon. And Earth. The asteroid belt. And Jupiter. Almost seven years later, on the first of July 2004, the Cassini probe entered the orbit of Saturn. It then began to compile what has become one of the greatest photographic collections of all time, of a giant gas planet, surrounded by colorful rings, guarded by a diverse collection of moons, and millions of tiny moonlets. Within this record, is a trail of clues… pointing to the energy sources and complex chemistry needed to spawn life. What are these mysterious worlds telling us about the universe, and Earth? In the outer reaches of the solar system, a billion and a half kilometers from the Sun… there is a little world known as Enceladus. Nearly all of the sunlight that strikes its icy surface is reflected back into space, making it one of the brightest objects in the solar system. At its equator, the average temperature is minus 198 degrees Celsius. It can rise about 70 degrees higher in grooves that stretch across the south pole like tiger stripes. Looming over it is the giant planet Saturn. In myth, Saturn – the Roman name for the primal Greek God Chronos – was the youngest son of Gaia, or Earth, and Uranus, sky. Wielding a
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    When I was a little child, I thought my parents were joking world is infinite, space never ends, there are other planets and so far we’re only living organisms in the universe. Ah I miss being a kid…

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    The thing is that the moons of Saturn and Jupiter might contain LIQUID water which is one of the most important requirements for life. Yes Mars has water but as you said it is solid not liquid.

  9. MrAdrien1999 says:

    i don´t think there is a god. i think god is something created by man to give us hope.

  10. Faisal Rajan says:

    Information like this really makes us seem so immaterial. I don’t know about others but earthly problems seem like a joke when you see what our role/impact is in the greater cosmos. What an awesome time to be alive and to have the ability to perceive, observe and experience the beauty!

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  17. MaxWyd says:

    I think the planet Saturn is the most stunning one.. Just looks ferocious.

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  19. skwuim says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  20. Bowdin Deese says:

    What is the spiritual character of these moons..? and when do we find or put life on them…?

  21. SwingItLikeMoe says:

    Saturn. The most beautiful planet ever created.

  22. David Tregaskis says:

    Yup, there are different definitions of theory. A scientific theory by definition isn’t the same as a “theory” you might have about why no one likes you.

  23. fred6059 says:

    ‘Saturn return and you chase down its moons throw them into a new gravity’. No wonder this is one of my favorite songs.

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