Postpartum Shedding on My Natural Hair

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  1. tha411hun says:

    This happened to me with my first child in summer 2010. I have fine hair so the shredding along my hairline was in the way. I just had my second two weeks ago and I am hoping that it doesn’t happen with this one.

  2. Naptural85 says:

    Hey Raych1010! Four and a half years! <3

  3. Naptural85 says:

    @PlzBeGentle ;D!!! <333

  4. Naptural85 says:

    Hey GDaEssence! I actually get them from my regular local grocery store! <3

  5. Naptural85 says:

    Happy Belated KayKyRJ12!! <3

  6. Naptural85 says:

    Aw, thanks LoveeeDarling! Happy to help! <3

  7. Naptural85 says:

    Hey kerrykkd! I’ve never heard of it! <3

  8. Naptural85 says:

    @Stephanie Gaines Lol!!! <3

  9. Naptural85 says:

    @myrabbitispink You’re so sweet!!! Thank you!!! XoXo!!! <33

  10. Naptural85 says:

    Aww, thanks BeaSiegal!! <333

  11. Naptural85 says:

    Heehee!! Sorry ItzNaturallyNika!! <33

  12. Naptural85 says:

    LOL!! @diamonds454 No, it’s just my birthmark :D !! <333

  13. Naptural85 says:

    Hey likeitsgolden1! She’s sometimes on my Vlog Channel! …well, you can see the back of her head on my vlog channel, lol! She’s not partial to Youtube videos <3

  14. Naptural85 says:

    Lol!!! Awwww, sorry thedancen1!!! XoXo!!! <333

  15. Naptural85 says:

    Aw, thanks mommyg05!! <333

  16. Naptural85 says:

    Hey LHill73! For Olivia, I’m just using Shea Moisture’s Baby Hair and Body Wash 2-in-1, and moisturizing it with grapeseed oil! <3

  17. DrkNSwt says:

    Luv ur vids and vlogs

  18. Naptural85 says:

    Hey Kayonmangement! Yeah, for the first 2 years or so, it was only wash and gos! But as my hair grew longer, it became more difficult because of tangles and knots <3

  19. Kayonmangement says:

    When you first started wearing your natural hair did you only wear wash and gos?

  20. Toya8609 says:

    Um us guys love our hair. That’s why we are styling it into different styles. that’s what make us unique. Our hair was made for styling. My question is why are you and other non black people are on whitney’s page in the 1st place. I would never go on a white women’s hair channel if she is talking about something I know nothing about especially saying something negative to her unless I am jealous. Go to your own people and be happy.

  21. angelrose97 says:

    Marley hair. Its a weave brand.

  22. gurlwittwitt says:

    LOL@ cassie vibe

  23. naturalbeauty930 says:

    LOL ok you had me there for a minute! lol

  24. Tiannisha says:

    I realize this concept is an anathema, but here goes: a hair cut. When this sort of thing happens, consider a bc again. Do it for the health of your scalp and hair follicles. They need a break from the stress of twisting. You have gorgeous hair. I observed your hair journey and just like you once grew it this long from short, it will happen again. Maybe even better, because you know more now. Soon it will be summer. The best time for a bc. And think you’ll have more time with your baby.

  25. Maggie Mo says:

    Wait .. whose hair did she it was?

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