1. Lauren Lovez says:

    god lord i have natural hair and it is seriously not this big of an issue. either you got weave/ perm women saying aint nobody got time for that natural stuff or natural women saying if you got a perm you hate yourself. who cares! if someone cares that much about your head dont talk to them, their strange

  2. SheThaBoss says:

    Perfectly said!!!

  3. Chanel Nelson says:

    Good for you girl! You’ll be the stronger person in the end so keep your head up! :D

  4. onelossonegain says:

    Because white women actually wear hair that looks like it is their own,black women wear hair that looks like it’s someone else’s..Other races are making profit off of our money while building their communities up.Black communities are in the ruins,when that weave money could be used to build & economize it..We are allowing other races who degrade us as a whole,to make profit off of our self hatred.

  5. takaditakadang says:

    nikki is so hot

  6. JT Williams says:

    you know what’s funny about the mult-million dollar industry? is that, besides relaxers and obvious things, about 90% of that stuff is the most terrible stuff you can put in your hair. it took me until about 25 years old, with the help of my sister, to discover organic shampoos and conditioners, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum jelly. and people still put this junk into their hair. i try to talk to some black women about it, and most tell me it doesn’t apply to them bc their hair is different.

  7. queendom says:

    Natural Hair on the rise.

  8. iSNEEZES says:

    Brilliant response. I was just thinking this.

  9. ladyashleymiles73 says:

    I love my natural hair…great discussion Melissa! Curly nikki awesome job!

  10. SuburbanoidMisfit111 says:

    I can’t support these jokers trying to cash in on women rocking their natural hair and trying to get away from all those products. Screw those expensive creams like “Mixed chicks” and Miss Jessie and those other $25 hair creams in the store trying to pick up where TCB No lye left off. Cancel that. I have 3/4B hair that responds fine to cheap ass Garnier products. Try the Garnier conditioner in the YELLOW bottle. Detangles great, for $3 compared to $25 for some rip off artists ‘niche’ nap cream.

  11. SuburbanoidMisfit111 says:

    Just saying…I rock my shit however I feel, and I usually get TONS of compliments on it from everyone; black, Asian, white, young, old, etc. Every other race of female wears her damn hair the way it comes out her head, and “it’s beautiful”, and the same thing applies to me and every other woman of color with a head full of proud, untamed naps. I can care less who likes or doesn’t like, but it feels good when people of other races go on about it and how they can’t replicate my style.

  12. SkyBloo98 says:

    Because for some people, they’re not rushing to get that blond dye or sew in a track because they like the way it looks. They’re doing it because they think what they have isn’t good enough. I truly have no problem with a black woman perming or straightening her hair, because that doesn’t necessarily mean she has an “identity problem”. This is as long as she’s doing it because she likes it that way, not because society or the hairdresser or anyone else tells her it’s too kinky and “bad hair” :P

  13. jaineblaize says:

    Once again you’re DECIDING what you THINK other people are thinking. Continue to do so along w/ restricting yourself on your own time. In the meantime, the women who want to be free to do WHATEVER THEY want to their hair regardless to WHO cares (yes, that means white people too) we will do so and believe me, our blackness will NOT be affected or effected by it.

  14. jaineblaize says:

    I compare the SITUATIONS bcse unlike you I know that every blk woman is ENTITLED to live their lives just like that ANY OTHER WOMAN lives their lives! W/ the same rights & freedoms! Ppl already place limitations on us so for you to sit here and compound these limitations by accusing other blk women of being ashamed of who we are bcse of what they do to their HAIR is not only insulting but embarrassing! U shld be asking urself why YOUR blackness is reliant on whether your hair is natural!

  15. Cerl84 says:

    Why do you keep comparing yourself to whites? Is that your standard of excellence in beauty? The overwhelming majority of black women weave or perm to conform to that standard. White women are not trying to look like you, you are trying to look like them. When I see 80-100% of white women with locks,braids, and afro weaves, then maybe I’ll understand your point. Salaam u.

  16. jaineblaize says:

    They aren’t really losing anything to “self realization”. If you look on the shelves you will find a barrage of natural hair care products with African or black sounding names but if you research further you’l find that many of these “black products” are owned/staked by L’Oreal and other co like them. See, the problem isn’t whether we’re relaxed or not. The problem is that regardless to what we do, we need more blk entrepreneurs to make our products and more loyal blk consumers to buy them.

  17. jaineblaize says:

    I guess my point is that we can’t have it both ways. We can’t expect to be treated like every other woman who is free to do whatever they want without being questions yet put restraints on ourselves. Not all bw who relax their hair are trying to “reject their image”. We’re BROWN and thankfully no relaxer/weave will change that!Changing hairstyles isn’t skin bleaching or rhinoplasty, it’s creativity & convenience. It’s exactly what w girls envy about us, yet we’re too busy complaining to see it!

  18. jaineblaize says:

    90%? Really? Are you sure? Because right now I have 12 white clients that I install I/U tip extensions into their hair every 6-8 weeks! 12! I’ve had more ask but I’ve had to turn away more due to my sched but the point is that bcse I do this, I can tell who’s wearing them just by looking and believe me, more white girls than you THINK wear them! Does this call their white pride into question bcse they wear them? Hell No! WE are the only ones trippin’ on that and we REALLY need to stop!

  19. Cerl84 says:

    because 90% of white women don’t glue phony hair to their heads. 90+ percent of white women don’t chemically straighten their own natural hair. Their is nothing wrong with fake hair,etc. But the problem comes when we (90%) reject our own self image in favor for an outside image. The numbers speak for themselves. Black women constitute the vast majority of customers for that stuff, not whites. That is why your pride comes into question.

  20. Leesa Burt says:

    Oh Wow… this is good to see in the news. Ladies you look Great !!!

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