Onyx Essence Black Diamond Hair Final Review

Open Me 4 More Info ♡ Hey YT DOLLS!!!! This is my review on the Onyx Essence Black Diamond Hair. I created a u part wig using two packs of hair. ♡ LIKE Icy…

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  1. icyunvme0912 says:

    LOL. You are so welcome.

  2. BeesOHoney says:

    I like the ombre look you have going on. It’s pretty ♥

  3. icyunvme0912 says:

    Thank you. I appreciate it so much

  4. icyunvme0912 says:

    Thank you

  5. grapeApz says:

    Lol damn phone I meant lmao

  6. grapeApz says:

    Lol no boo boo this is not the hair for you lamp too funny but thanks for
    being honest

  7. icyunvme0912 says:

    Yea. I just wished it didnt shed so much.

  8. dizzybabe707 says:

    I been watching your vids for 3 years now love the keep it up :)

  9. anaerb8 says:

    i had their wave hair, i experiences the same problem, except its didnt
    tangle that much, but it did shred a lot, i rock it for a month and toss
    it, i think its some pretty good hair for the price you pay for it

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