Nikki Walton

‘i love my man but he hates my hair’
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  1. Shenruss says:

    I took one look at the title and *knew* “The guy’s gonna be in the
    wrong”…and so said, so done. Look, I like any other man, ADORE a well
    kept [re: not necessarily "long", or "straight"] head of hair on a woman.
    Why? Yeah, Culture has a bit to do with it. Most great feminine beauties in
    cultures *throughout the world* have been noted for the luster and radiance
    of their hair and skin, from fairy tales to our modern day celebs. But more
    than that, this is a *natural, biological attractant to males* ;healthy
    hair is hard to maintain, and is used to frame/draw attention to a woman’s
    face, so it’s a notable secondary sexual feature. Men who like it or no
    more in the “wrong” for being attracted to clear skin, lush lips or big

    The women are making this largely a *social and self esteem* issue, and
    automatically saying this guy is not “supportive”. But fact remains, we ARE
    physically attracted to our mates because, at least partly, they fit an
    ideal we are happy with. Yes, it is hers to do with as she pleases, but I’m
    certain people wouldn’t be as “supportive” if he made a drastic physical
    change [gaining weight, for example]. Bottom line: if his reaction was
    honest and *not purposefully hurtful* , he shouldn;t be made into the bad
    guy for that. Most guys would have some issue with a big physical change on
    a woman they love.

  2. Laddy Gibbions says:

    I’ll comb your hair! I’ll grease your
    Scalp! If the hair had a style
    It would not be so bad! It looks
    Dry and brittle! Grease your hair
    Some shine from kind of transmission oil or motor oil!.
    The natural hairstyle has no
    Personality! Pimps in the 1970′s
    Hair looked better than the way
    Black women are wearing natural
    Hair I’m 2014!!!!!.

  3. Floyd D Harvey says:

    It’s her hair and she can do what she want’s with it. But this comes down
    to the old story you need to do what you did to get him to keep him. He
    became attracted to her fell in love with her with a totally different
    style. Now she married and wants to change up. Now give him time to get
    used to it, maybe he will maybe he won’t…

  4. GetTheGrandFunkOut says:

    This guy needs to watch “The Mirror Has Two Faces.”

  5. Njoofene says:

    As a Black African man, I find it absolutely disgusting that this foolish
    man hates his wife’s natural hair and wants her to wear European fake hair
    or even worst chemically treat her hair which is a poison that can end up
    damaging her. How dear he says the natural hair she was born with is ugly
    (mind you the same hair he has on his head and that his mum and grand
    parent have). I despise self
    hating Black. It is very embarrassing especially to go on national TV and
    voice this foolishness. I’m sorry but I do not buy his excuse that when he
    met his wife she was wearing weaves blah blah blah. He is not stupid. He,
    just like most people knew that was not her natural hair. Did he seriously
    think when she takes the weaves down her hair is going to look like a
    European? Please! What a disgrace. If he wanted a wife with straight hair
    he should have married a fat and ugly white woman as many of them do down
    there in the US the moment they can rub two coins together. Instead of
    supporting his wife in this noble endeavour not to mention healthier
    lifestyle he degrades her. He is pathetic. Also, why are all these models
    mixed race / light skinned? Are you trying to tell me that you couldn’t
    find one dark skin Black American woman with a kinkier hair texture rocking
    her natural hair? This whole video is a disgrace. SMH! Stupid American.

  6. Anthony Brian Logan says:

    the semi-kid-n-play box she got aint doing it. you can have natural hair
    and have it be styled in an appealing way. what the husband was asking is
    spot on. and if your wife of many years wore long weave everyday then one
    day you see oprah winfrey with no makeup in the crib, you liable to call
    the police. just being honest

  7. godslove0609 says:

    I see why the husband don’t like it because she looks a lot better with the
    weave. A lot of women want to wear the natural hairstyle but they do not
    know how to make it look nice. This box look or whatever she calls it is
    not working.

  8. Arti Arte says:

    Aint your damn hair

  9. Isadshi Koseshi says:

    He hates the SAME hair on top of his head!! Self-hate and self-rejection
    personified and projected onto his wife; yet , he thinks she has to
    change!! smh. These sort of dudes are LIARS; they demean Black women all
    day long about “weaves”…..such weak liars. Black females wear weaves for
    the attention and attraction for Black males. I would kick him to the curb.
    It’ll be something else that he’ll find too “black” and natural to his
    liking. Look in the mirror dude!! He’s not to be trusted, that dude would
    cheat with a white female or non-Black female. His “love” for his wife is
    shallow as hell. He’s white identified. This Black woman is drop dead
    gorgeous by the way; she can do better without this dude.

  10. Crazy House says:

    I actually hate guys like this. They make it hard on brothers like me who
    want black women to be free to wear their hair natural. 

  11. Shaune Arnold says:



  12. william cooke jr says:

    Thank you Steve. Both had suffered from the Euro styled brainwash. Hair
    chemicals turn your brain into green black mush. This is what doctors find
    in African American womens heads during autopsies.

  13. ashley coleman says:

    This hurts my feelings I don’t know what else to say. Men will say, I like
    natural beauty but when the weave comes out, they don’t like the natural
    look. I enjoy my natural hair 

  14. bosslady0000 says:

    and this is EXACTLY why i’ll continue to say that the MAJORITY of black men
    only like natural hair if you have the texture of a mixed girl

  15. Cynthia Perry says:

    I’m proud of her and her natural hair..he has issues!

  16. Lydia Burns says:

    Oh, please….he’s talking about her hair. What about his small pea-shaped
    head..!? LoL

  17. Diamond Stylz says:

    …any man that concerned about hair is suspect 

  18. The Realest Blackman on YouTube says:

    We will never GET AHEAD when we have self hating people in Black

  19. Nadia Herod says:

    What will he say to his daughter, is he going to demean and degrade her
    hair as well. This is why black women grow up to have the insecurities they
    have! I had to stop getting relaxers due to a ringworm some girl gave me in
    class 10th grade. Literally had 5 different bald places. Soon as my hair
    started to grow back lawd I didn’t know my haire could curl and wave, lol I
    said eff them relaxers and flat irons. My hair grew so much faster and
    stronger when all that stopped. I think her problem is she wants to embrace
    her coils but just as every marriage should be some mutual she can’t
    because her husband doesn’t like it. I think it is sad and he should accept
    it no matter what, shoot lord knows I look ratchet when waking up cause my
    hair is all over my head and my man still kisses me ha ha, he calls me his
    little palm tree ha ha. I love it cause he loves Florida and I remind him
    of it cause of my palm tree hair. Lmfao

  20. Kristy Kabui says:

    The dude fell in love with the weave-wig. Glad he changed his mind.What
    rubbish , what does he have on his own head???? Grass??? No but natural
    hair too.

  21. rassledassle82 says:

    This is sad… man, black people are messed up. I can’t think of any other
    race that, until recently, unanimously denied their women the ability to be
    naturally beautiful.

  22. VikkyAthina says:

    I think that Afro-american women have real self-esteem issues. I am a Black
    French woman and the 1st time I went to the USA, I was shocked to see all
    these women with weaves and making it a beauty standard!
    All the girls there were giving me bad look or making comments because I
    had nappy hair and that’s the 1st time I was subject to racism. It broke my
    The only thing is now Black woman in the USA are following the natural hair
    look as a trend and turn it into a competition. It’s all about growing
    their hair and having them the longest possible so they can brag about it
    on their Youtube channel.

  23. brad johnson says:

    It’s her fault. He met you that way and then you change up. He was never
    attracted to her. She got him on false prentices. You ladies wear all this
    weave and makeup to sucker guys in then you want him to take you as you
    are. You can’t have hair down to you butt cheeks one day and then be
    natural the next. Pick one.

  24. DreadfulControversy says:

    As many Black women with weaves that we have to deal with, let alone how
    weird it is that they’re wearing someone else’s hair, besides the fact that
    they’ve never met that person — and this fool hates natural hair? Black
    people never cease to amaze me SMH.

  25. Dava Adlain says:

    I don’t understand why he couldn’t have booked her an appt with a
    hairstylist himself. You can’t tell me he hasn’t seen a woman with natural
    hair that he thought was attractive. Ask her where she gets her hair done,
    get the number and surprise your wife with a spa/hair day! #geez 

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