New hair color: Go from red to black with Manic Panic Raven

I dyed my hair AGAIN, this time black with Manic Panic Raven. going to mention the pros and cons and show you the before and after pics:)

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  1. Katherine g says:

    You slept with it on?!!! Hahaha thank god it didn’t damage it´╗┐

  2. mcr fan girl 101 says:

    okay but i want somthing that is going to wash out

  3. candygirl3402 . says:

    ok well you can take your chances with manic panic but I don’t recommend
    it. If you don’t mind having blue black or green black hair go for it(:

  4. ManicPanic StyleAsylum says:

    Thanks for the video, your hair looks great!

  5. 123WintersAngel123 says:

    blah…manic panic is awful. xD BUT omg omg omg they need to make a hair
    care line. that moisturizes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well! :o oo I got a red and my
    hair was pink at the roots, my head was pink, my hands were pink, my NAILS
    were pink, my ears were pink and my neck was also pink! -_- omg! don’t buy
    red…lol but yea, it makes my hair sooo soft. :) won’t ever buy again
    though haha

  6. candygirl3402 . says:

    I would suggest Dark and Lovely that is what I used and it comes in semi
    permanent for red

  7. mcr fan girl 101 says:

    follow me on twitter and i will follow you back love your hair

  8. candygirl3402 . says:

    yeah I have an update vid called manic panic horro story. check it out

  9. candygirl3402 . says:

    thanks so much:)

  10. mcr fan girl 101 says:

    i want red hair but thank you i love your hair so much it rocks

  11. candygirl3402 . says:

    yeah I would never buy it again either. It turned my hair green. I am
    highly disapointed in this product.

  12. 123WintersAngel123 says:

    you definitely should post an update in caps in the description warning
    people!:) I hated it. -_- i still have some left and have no one to give it
    to… :/ bleh…I think i’m gonna go back to my natural color…haha (like
    i haven’t said that like 1001 times, right? ) XD <3

  13. mcr fan girl 101 says:

    will this work over dark brown hair

  14. candygirl3402 . says:

    yes but I suggest using a different brand….MANIC PANIC IS TERRIBLE. try
    using Revlon it worked great for me.

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