Natural Hair Styles for Black Women: How to Get Natural Curly Hair

Step-by-step guide and products used: Natural Hair Styles for Black Women: How to Get Natural Curly Hair Professional hair stylist, Amit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Blokheadz says:

    WWWOWW! YEEES! homegirl hit it on the nail. i agree i dont care if she was
    BLUE OR PINK or poka-dot she has some knowledge about african american
    hair. unlike some of these other how to do our hair vids..which some people
    (not jus white people) do it wrong. she was on the money. that diffuser is
    what i need in my life. im natural .. some of these comments are not needed
    and ignorant. im african american and 1/4 white and cherokee indian…and
    regardless of what nationality this stylist is she is a PROFESSIONAL.
    thumbin up this vid. i wish she was in my hometown.;)

  2. Krista AppleBomb says:

    Tbh I don’t even let black women do my hair. I do my own hair and don’t
    really let others do it because I know the women in my area will mess your
    hair up if it is “better” than theirs. Besides, I know about my hair and I
    know how gentle I have to be. I know my sensitivity to conditioner, I know
    my patterns, etc. I don’t trust easily with my hair. Plus, I love doing my
    natural hair!

  3. monabrown101 says:

    This is really nice! …but I thought the lady would have washed he girls
    hair for her instead, because (since she is growing out her relaxer) she
    may not have had the knowledge to know how to wash her hair without
    tangling it up…. If u get what I mean. Ie: wash in sections, etc…. but
    it’s a refreshing video non the less :) 

  4. Sandra Ziegler says:

    fantastic,very NICE!!!!! LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

  5. tequilashots875 says:

    I dont care how knowledgeable she is about THIS girls hair…….I’ll never
    let a white lady do my natural hair. 

  6. Danyell Thomas says:

    I see a lot of unnecessary comments being a good hair dresser requires you
    to know how to do all types of hair. 

  7. Michael Wayne says:

    I have seen it all! Great just great! She can teach me about my hair. She
    needs a school I didn’t learn anything! I want my money back.

  8. Skyler D. Penn says:

    You both have very pretty hair.
    I don’t use but natural products in mine.
    where can i find that product?

  9. tati says:

    i love this definitely gonna have to try this process with these exact
    products can’t wait to go natural again!!!!

  10. curlsallday43 says:

    Real naturals dont have to twist their hair. She learn how to really define
    natural hair. Hot mess.

  11. Victoria Petty says:

    I am glad a White woman knows about curly/ Black hair. there is an
    assumption that White people dont care to know about other textures of hair
    and that textured hair is neglected. If you are a stylist and you know how
    to do many hair textures that makes you a professional. Its like a Black
    woman braiding or cornrowing a White person’s hair, its a skill that is
    nice to have. 

  12. Kayla J. says:

    ooo omg it came out so pretty ima try this

  13. IAMONELUVNOW says:

    I was totally surprised that a white woman knows how to take care of black
    hair. I’ve watched enough natural hair tutorials from other black women
    and she was right on. I will add this particular video to my playlist.
    Way to go in promoting hair products that don’t have harsh chemicals!

  14. Embrace The Gap says:

    There is so much weirdness going on within this video, lol

  15. Salewa Ajayi says:

    Amazing, im black and I think she knows black hair

  16. AntiIlluminati489 says:

    If you have black people hair or even mixed hair you need all he moisture
    you can get

  17. Ashley White says:

    Wow. She did a great job, I want her to do my hair!!! Does that lady have a
    salon somewhere? Do I get those hair products at Whole Foods? I just grew
    out a relaxer not to long ago and I still blow dry and flat iron my hair
    and I’m getting a little tired of doing that. I want to start wearing it
    curly. Now I have an idea of what to do.

  18. lady69shady says:

    this was gorgeous. the stylist was also informative, gentle and very

  19. Everliza A says:

    The model is too beautiful. I couldnt even focus on what the lady was

  20. Torye Perry says:

    that seems like an awful lot of product..

  21. Casca Chicory says:

    I used to say I only trust black people with my hair but this lady is super
    knowledgeable. I would love for her to do my hair and now I realize it’s
    kind of dumb to generalize and act like only blacks know how to handle
    black hair.

  22. ASAP CiCi says:

    this doesn’t even look real. i looks like a scene from a movie. lml

  23. CyberBrat says:

    this woman is god idc idc idc

  24. Lauren James says:

    The model is beautiful. 

  25. Born2BeNatural says:

    What she said about science of our hair….she is absolutely correct. This
    method is the long way around achieving a natural curl. An easier method
    would be the Curly Girl Method for curly heads….whether you are white,
    black or mixed with other races….the Curly Girl Method works for all
    Curly heads. Mahogany Curls you tube channel…..talks a lot about this

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