My First Vlog of 2012 (Part 2 of 3)

So after the Call Me Maybe dirty parody video with Tim Delaghetto went viral, a lot of you have asked for vlogs from me. I do record as much as I can behind the scenes, it’s just getting around to editing it & uploading it that gets me! I promise I’ll be better ;) Call Me Maybe (dirty parody) video link: First 2012 Vlog Part 1 – Part 2 of 3 includes behind the scenes content & footage of: – My commercial for – My photo & video shoot for SHOW Magazine’s Black Lingerie issue – Behind the scenes of filming the “Levels” music video for international superstars DJ/Producer Avicii & Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam. Twitter: BackTwoSleep Commercial video link: SHOW Magazine Twitter: @SHOWMagazine Al Sexy Hair Twitter: @alsexyhair Jasmine MUA Instagram: @supreme_15 Stylist Larry’s Twitter: @HollyLarry Charm Killings Twitter: @charmkillings Bianca Eva Twitter: @BiancaEva Sonu Nigam Twitter: @sonuniigaam Avicii Twitter: @avicii

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  1. Raúl Vidal says:

    Swag drag queen maybe what you meant was : “you’re”.
    Now go and kill yourself.

  2. BodyGuardTeddy says:

    found you =] and are u really a mixed filipina?! i need to move to the westcoast lol

  3. NeilK994 says:

    Hot AF :]

  4. dapats71 says:

    lol no makeup on = aviators

  5. lanceseidman says:

    You’re too fun to watch. Great you’re willing to film w/o makeup, unlike the 80% of them on YouTube who claim eyeliner, blush, and foundation isn’t makeup. Keep it up!

  6. MegaDK12 says:

    You are too beautiful to be real or r u just the perfect women or r u the reincarnation of the goddess of love (because whenever you say this is where we will be shooting u point at a BED) lol! Your a filipino wow! So am i!

  7. lanceseidman says:

    You’re too fun to watch. Best part? You weren’t afraid to be on camera without makeup. Almost 78% of the ladies on YouTube who say “Ugh I am not wearing any makeup” sadly just eyeliner, blush, etc but not as heavy. I like your vids, keep em coming!

  8. Armornone says:

    She looks like how Japanese people draw themselves with over sized rounded eyes.

  9. Pizza1014 says:

    dammnnnnnn girllll

  10. dreamxoxgirlxox says:

    You are beautiful lux!!! U should do some beauty vids!

  11. killsonfire555 says:

    Do u have a instagram? ???/?/?

  12. luxiboo1 says:

    Yes, it’s the same as my Twitter @luxiboo :) 

  13. dragalator345 says:

    that’s a small boner. no homo.

  14. iRawstah says:

    0:45 I thought she was gonna say imma bout to get the biggest cock I can find lol

  15. Numb3r1director says:

    can you make a porn vid please?

  16. MNFXProductions says:

    u have a rockin bod

  17. BodyGuardTeddy says:

    lux u have instagram? <3

  18. SMbigpapi says:

    I can’t stop fapping !!!

  19. 488steven says:

    u probably always get surprised faces everytime u go drive-through. the worker doesn’t know how hot ur are untill the see u!

  20. RayWilliamEnis says:

    ur sooo beautiful :)

  21. onraj9mm says:


  22. cueuoreffu says:

    did you ever visit the philippines? cause the girls over there would probably worship you lol

  23. Alexanduhz says:



  24. alcifu650 says:

    Did you film anything with wiz khalifa when you worked with him for the music video?

  25. shamarshmelloxp says:

    Nice vlog haha

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