My Black is Beautiful (Episode 3) – Hair {Part 2}

Kim Fields, Victoria Rowell & other celebrity guests join Tasha Smith to discuss Black hair care. *Part 2*

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  1. FuniGrl94 says:


  2. nighttigress1 says:

    Ummm… black women… LOST big time in the airline case. The case was
    Rogers v. American Airlines and the courts said that companies CAN
    discriminate against braided hairstyles.

  3. josbo51715 says:

    @kidmclain She would have to leave the cornrows in her head over night to
    get the krinkle look. He just did it too fast.

  4. NappturalDancer2K10 says:

    ok that stylist can’t do natural hair worth a damn. How he gonna put one
    cornrow in her hair, put her under the dryer and then take it out, there
    was no definishion, and her hair is not in it’s natural state!

  5. shenora100 says:

    they’re sooooo pretty

  6. 49jubilee says:

    we actually did it AFTER the bo derek incident probably cause of the
    grandparents—-black women always cornrowed their hair UNDER their
    wigs….years ago

  7. Brownliciouss says:

    @StoPFrontinTV i feel the same way, i feel like she’s trying to hard to be
    funny..a lil Exaggerating, not real!

  8. NappturalDancer2K10 says:

    @celliwitaukelele and when I show people especially black people what
    natural hair really looks like, they get so disgusted. smdh…

  9. ALA LA says:

    This episode making me feel to do my hair and leave it naturalll…i love
    this show…

  10. theNoirQu33n says:

    @CANDY31893 idk but for the longest ive tried to figure it out…well i
    actually emailed BET to inquire…no response yet

  11. IamtheonlyKarizma says:

    Em ok the stylist tried to make it seem like pantene is gonna work on all
    hair wrong and- he is terrible my daughters could of done a better job

  12. celliwitaukelele says:

    @NappturalDancer2K10 I was thinking the same thing lol…he did an
    injustice to all the naturals in America. This is already what people think
    of when you say natural black hair. SMH

  13. kidmclain says:

    @josbo51715 oh ok

  14. Yvonne Johnson says:

    This show is pretty cool* But Tasha smith is soooooooooooo annoying. She
    doesn’t sound passionate about this subject enough for me.

  15. CANDY31893 says:

    who sings that song at the beginning of the episodes??

  16. Karamelkissiz23 says:

    So…what about the natural hairstyles??? Everyone is pretty much pressed
    or relaxed…smh

  17. Bronzed Curls says:

    i love the theme song…so pretty

  18. kidmclain says:

    witht the natural hair he kind looked like he didn’t know what he was doing

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