Lady Lovely Locks show opening (1987).flv

Opening from a girls’ toy based cartoon from the 1980s. From RetroStatic.

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  1. Cassie Sullivan says:

    I’m too young to have watched this on tv but my teacher showed it to my
    form group and not I’m addicted

  2. private says:

    i remember when i wanted this to be sailor moon

  3. Maria E. Antonsen says:

    @ve St.M@ria;edetantAimein7!***

  4. ElvenRaptor says:

    Huh. This wasn’t look half bad, and I’m a 20-something dude. *immediately
    begins tracking down episodes*

  5. PsyChick2 says:

    Haha! I used to have all the stuff to this show. Lady lovely locks doll,
    her horse, her swan, lot of pixie tales, the prins, the dog, the evil girl
    :p only show i had dolls from since i hated dolls when i was a kid lol :P

  6. animixa says:

    i loved this when i was litle. i would watch it again and again and again.
    but now i think its a bit scary… :/

  7. Gonçalo Lourenço says:

    Exactamente! A Princesa dos Cabelos Mágicos, a nostalgia :) )

  8. sfbaygirl says:

    Why do brunettes always have to be the villainesses? Lol

  9. strunkandwhaaat says:

    Sounds like Faramir earned his narrating chops in the 80s XD

  10. Digitalfairy says:

    My childhood memories…

  11. 7DARKHELLS says:


  12. private says:

    ohmygod this show.

  13. carmekino says:

    @befron2044 I used to get that when we went to rent movies from Minyard’s,
    when they rented movies out. My brother and sisters would get mad. LOL

  14. trinetang says:

    I used to love this show so much :-) Does anyone know where I can find the
    theme song?

  15. XSpellBinder says:

    raven wave is not a brunette, she has raven as in black hair. I was a dirty
    blonde as a kid. Now I am a perfectly natural dark brunette(brown).

  16. Carpe Noctem says:

    Oh my god!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I’m seven again! I liked
    the bad girl, lol

  17. SakumaRyuichiNG says:

    Ok, it’s a fact… i am old XD

  18. maleficentdiva says:

    @sfbaygirl because in fairy tales a villain always wears black, it
    symbolizes that they are evil! its a traditional way of lettting people
    know who the villain is!

  19. Ponyfier says:

    Sounds like Bridge Zone from Sonic.

  20. kittypr1nc3ss says:

    @sfbaygirl that’s black hair.

  21. Azsura says:

    I remember this show!! I was able to find the plastic cup with her picture
    all around it while digging through some old boxes at my parents. Oh my
    goodness! It was like finding buried treasure. Of course I was able to
    ‘unearth’ many other cool childhood memories, the times has changed so
    much. A lot of the good shows are very few in number now.

  22. Maria E. Antonsen says:

    @ve St.M@ria;edetantAimein7!***

  23. NayruFaroreJinn says:

    @CodenameSailorEarth WTF?

  24. LadyxBleu says:

    @idkjade LUCKY!!

  25. Duvmasta says:

    I have black hair, that doesn’t mean i’m evil!

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