A lot of times people will show the “fresh from the salon” look after a keratin treatment but for Natural women like me what REALLY matters is how it looks a…

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  1. X0brooklyn0X says:

    how much did you get your keratin treatment done for

  2. Tyiesha Thomas says:

    Hi can you tell me the brand of Keratin that you use for your hair? and how
    long did you the treatment in your hair? Thanks so much #kinky girl…

  3. NickNack899 says:

    You can buy this treatment at folicadotcom and apply it yourself to save
    some money.

  4. Rep Jesus says:

    Keratin doesn’t wash out like they tell us. You have to get it again in 3
    months because that’s just about enough time for the hair to have grown
    long enough to “relax the new growth”. This is just like a relaxer except
    it has a lot on conditioner in it so that it doesn’t allow the hair to get
    bone straight. After this type of treatment one is no longer natural. I had
    to BC because of how straight it made my hair. I have since learned to
    embrace my kinks and coils:) God bless everyone:)

  5. Valerie Duruaku says:

    What products do you use to maintain your curls this made me want to get one

  6. 1krzypraz says:

    I don’t understand why you would use the Keratin treatment if your sister
    is selling the LYE and TAME. I am not trying to start any issues, but if
    she has that why would u use another product?

  7. biracialbutterfly100 says:

    warning! doing the treatment frequently your second third time you WILL
    lose your curl, the keratin is not permanant but the loss of curl is. I
    should know went from 3c to shity

  8. SweetE1403 says:

    I used the Ion keratin treatment on my hair and u did it myself. This is mr
    second time doing it and I have not incurred any damage to my curl pattern
    or hair. I been natural for a year and a half and straightened it 4 times,
    2 of the times I used the keratin. I can only speak for myself, my hair is
    fine and I love the results, I need a break from wash and go

  9. Nadine S. says:

    Thank you so much for this review…it is very helpful!

  10. NoLyeErika says:

    @hollymeliwood Oh yeah! I went to a healthy hair salon that specializes in
    healthy hair journeys/maintenance.

  11. noriginalberra says:

    the brazilian keratin treatment is still a chemical procees any product wit
    the word aldehyde is a chemical treatment look it up

  12. CherryAppetite says:

    Ppl keep getting bent out of shape abt the formaldehyde and other thing but
    it other things in this world with this in it (cigarettes, mascara, and
    nail polish and ect…) and ppl dnt say anything abt those…FDA allows
    certain amounts of lead and arsonic in the drinking water….C’m0n ppl it
    washes out

  13. Faith Roby says:

    Or maybe they just want manageable hair? Everything is NOT about having a
    European look. You do realize that Africans have different hair textures
    and which includes non kinky hair.

  14. mya32189 says:

    Hi how long has this treatment lasted for u ?

  15. Rep Jesus says:

    you are so right!!! Well IMO:) I feel the same way because my hair is QUITE
    kinky and coily. The salon owner tricked me into this and I had to BC
    because my hair thinned horribly!!!!! I am glad to be back to natural but I
    do know that it works for some. I am “happy to be nappy”. To each it’s own.

  16. Apriluv7779 says:

    I used the Coppola keratin Smoothing Treatment and I absolutely love the
    results. My hair is so soft and manageable. I love the frizz free curls.
    Yes, it is amazing!

  17. GoGoJodieo says:

    @Jocelyn Harper your nose hairs?

  18. 504Diva says:

    Coopa Keratin should hire u. Your before and after is remarkable. U were
    able to preserve the curl and make it less frizzy, more defined. What hair
    type were you originally? I’d be curious if I could achieve this on my
    frizzy natural hair. Thanks for posting.

  19. MEP439 says:

    keratin is a protein which is organic

  20. hollymeliwood says:

    i LOVE it! I want to get one so bad. Did you go to the salon? Do you
    remember what brand it was and did it have formaldehyde in it?

  21. Jocelyn Harper says:

    I actualy got one, the do it yourself kind, and i love it. it burned my
    nose doing it, but my hairs super soft now, and easier to straighten.

  22. Hansy Peguero says:

    Keratin is NOT a relaxer. OMG I can’t believe how people can make stuff up
    like that. What Is Keratin? It’s a protein that’s naturally in your hair.
    It is already in our hair, the thing is we coily girls have less keratin on
    our hairs than straight girls. It’s akin to applying a deep conditioner.
    Keratin is more of a restorative treatment, it strengthens the hair shaft
    and makes your hair more resilient. What damaged your hair was the heat you
    applied to it, NOT the Keratin.

  23. katiagification says:


  24. taeladancer says:

    Thank you so much for posting this informative video! I am curious to know
    what your hair texture is like now that the keratin has worn off. I am
    considering having the treatment done on my own natural 4b hair but I am
    concerned about long term damage and permanent alteration in my curl
    pattern. Please let me know what you noticed in your hair 5 months after
    your treatment. Thank you!!

  25. bibiez says:

    I think your hair looks amazing, the texture seems verry manageale and
    healthy which is what I’m trying to get to. I’ve wanted to do this
    treatment ever since I heard of it…but I have a couple questions; – Does
    this work on relaxed hair? – How long does this last? – Can you color your
    hair or put masks on it? – Once my hair is treated can I use a straightner
    or a curler in it? Thank you so much, you really look great :)

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