Justin Bieber Chops Off ALL His Hair!?

This video is brought to you by ‘The Age Of Adaline,’ in theaters tomorrow night! http://fandan.co/1IkrPaV 13 Celebs That Have Chopped Their Hair ▻▻ https://youtu.be/wmNebxguMzw More…

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  1. MusicMusic Power says:

    WE NEED A SELFIE!!! aaaaaah

  2. mariah brooks says:

    I hope he didn’t pull a Britney

  3. belieberuntildea says:

    if he shaved his head…then i’m dead.

  4. LyTasia Ham says:

    I just wanna see a picture…

  5. GamerXology says:

    If she says Age of Adeline one more time.. i swear

  6. Priya Talluri says:

    what if he went back to the fetus bieber hair??????

  7. Nelly Fancher says:

    Team wahtever! i rly don’t care about justin bieber lol

  8. Just Your Average Teen says:

    Good, he cant rock long hair like Zayn Malik. Zayn can rock hairdo, long,
    medium, short, shaved, he can do it all.

  9. Tici Toty Tony says:

    I mean hair can grow back right? Unless he suffers from baldness haha Lmfao

  10. Sarah M Sessions says:

    Maybe the hat was because is head was cold. 

  11. IsabelleAnne33 says:

    *sigh* is this what’s considered “breaking news” in our society? Oh,

  12. Austin Munoz says:

    Why is literally every male popstar shaving their head?! 

  13. Cora Styles says:

    Omg. Another Zayn moment!

  14. J bieber says:

    The “mystery” girl is Florido’s friend she works at his shop, they all went
    to Disneyland together (Florido, Justin and Florido’s friend and others
    like Justin’s little sister and some bodyguards) 

  15. Abi Hinton says:

    I don’t really care tbh. The things that make it into the news these days.

  16. maddy randle says:

    Whenever the hosts say ‘age of Adeline’ I think they’re about to say ‘age
    of ultron’.

  17. UGLY MARY says:

    Justin Bieber chops his head off! I wanna see that title…

  18. girliboi says:

    it’s about time. his hair has been awful lately

  19. Kathya Zamora says:

    Like I said about Zayns hair… Hair grows.. Chill

  20. APG Eagle Eye says:

    Who the fuck cares? The Illuminati probably made him do it anyways.

  21. Amani Owens says:

    Hes cute both ways 

  22. Leanardo Wright says:

    Why is this even on the news? Such a waist of film.

  23. Leah Stiner says:

    he went pitbull style LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Griselda Lafave says:

    oh wow why make a big deal out of it & not show a pic of how he looks now
    get your pictures & info together before getting us hyped 

  25. Nadhira Rizky says:

    reminds me of britney….

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