Jet black hair dye(Dominican Color showers)

Here is a video of me dying my hair Jet black with a dominican rinse, My camera dyed and would not let me upload the rest so I was unable to show you how I r…
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  1. Mary Jenkins says:

    where do you get the Dominican color wash from?

  2. scenedream13 says:

    whats the difference between a rinse and a dye?

  3. shadylane2121 says:

    TY! I don’t like to waste product i’m cheap lol!

  4. DracoBabe88 says:

    Where did you get the rinse from? was it round brush hair?

  5. shadylane2121 says:

    I would love that!!!!TY! for watching!

  6. shadylane2121 says:

    TY! for answering :)

  7. shadylane2121 says:

    No prob!

  8. budgetqueenMD says:

    A rinse is a temporary dye it’ll come out after 4 to 6 shampoos, and a
    permanent dye is there forever won’t come out.

  9. dawn pierce says:

    ……y dont u just pour it all over ur hair, its just a rinse

  10. shadylane2121 says:

    TY! I luv old school jams!

  11. Sapfire says:

    I used the Bigen in Oriental Black in April of last year and I noticed that
    it starting to fade to a 1b at my front edges. Do you think that’s normal?
    Ohh and i wanted to use Color Showers in red but IDK how it will turn out
    on jet black hair. Do you know?

  12. Sapfire says:

    yeah that does help. I think i might do a rinse in the spring or summer.
    Thank you for the reply!!! =D

  13. budaluvaz says:

    Hey have you tried the bigen haircolor thats what i use its powder you mix
    it with water and its a permanent color its doesn’t fade it great :)

  14. shadylane2121 says:

    Yes gurl I was going to use it for this video, but I thought I was supposed
    to do it on wet hair and your suppose to do it on dry hair! I had it ready
    to go to! I love it! I was actually going to try blue black this time!

  15. Ronnielynn Mu says:

    you should have your own hair salon. I want to try that out.

  16. budaluvaz says:

    Gurl and you jammin over there i love will and boyz 2 men :)

  17. macygurl556 says:

    can u dye over ur last dye? lol

  18. lilwayne1394 says:

    can you get a rinse and a texturizer?

  19. shadylane2121 says:

    I think that it does a little, but not a great deal. TY! for watching and

  20. shadylane2121 says:

    This also happened to me and I was like what the f@@k! So I think it’s
    normal, it may have to do with how much you sweat as well. The red color
    showers will probably just give your hair a red tint in the sun like henna.
    Hope that helps!

  21. babygurl13994 says:

    What store did u get the rinse from?

  22. shadylane2121 says:

    see below lol!

  23. SexyEyez89 says:

    I agree people do always find ways to be negative, does rinses loosen
    texture?..i heard that it does

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