Intense Blue Black Hair Dye

I am IN LOVE with my new hair colour and now I shall share my secret ;) This achieves a striking deep blue black with no sign of red during fading and also r…
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  1. Lea SS says:

    Your brows are gunna fly away, feed them quickly.

  2. Maria C says:

    does anyone know if punky colour by jerome russell work with mixing like
    this one 

  3. ANA ALY says:

    Hi was wondering where u got the La Riche Semi-permanant colour in Neon
    Blue from thank u

  4. Luis Ronaldo says:


  5. OfficialMrsFizzy says:

    do you use one tablespoon of the neon blue color for each box of “starry
    night”? and can you get the neon color in America? 

  6. Paige Cox says:

    I’m considering going this colour and I have pretty light-ish brown hair.
    What colour does this fade to on my colour hair?

  7. Kimberly Battles says:

    So I dye my hair jet black already but I want some color like a pretty
    blue. So I should get the Feria hair color kit and what is the name of that
    blue gel you showed? Where can I get that from? 

  8. Beverly Horvath says:

    Yeah, guess I won’t be back then……

  9. Christian Vasquez says:

    Hi Sweetheart, you have beautiful hair. Thank you for posting. I was
    wondering if you know if L’Oréal Superior Preference 2BL Black Sapphire was
    any good? 

  10. Dawn Allen says:

    HI, I noticed you get the same frizzes I used to. A good thing to use is a
    tiny bit of coconut oil and give it a good smooth brushing. For me this was
    a sure fire way to keep those frizzes at the top and sides smoothed down
    and silky without it getting greasy or gunked up with finishing products.
    You are beautiful and have such lovely hair! Thanks for the tip about
    adding the extra blue. I will try it.

  11. vanessa withheart says:

    Ok so I went to the salon got my hair blue black.. I don’t see the blue in
    my hair. Anyways what do I do I tried dying it dark blue.. I just want that
    tint. I’m so irritated with it to the point I just wanna cut it all off….

  12. carling5 says:

    I am obsessed with your hair. It’s exactly the deep blue/black that I
    want. I’ve heard good things about the Revlon Colorsilk blue/black. I’m
    going mix Ion Semi-Permanent color from Sally’s in Sky Blue (which looks
    the same as the La Riche Neon Blue) with the blue/black Colorsilk and color
    my extensions. What color was your hair before your did this? Wondering
    if I should bleach my extensions so the color really pops, or if this
    method will work even on dark brown hair. Advice anyone? Thanks! 

  13. Cheyenne Yates says:

    What hair products do you use on your hair that make it look so skinny and
    beautiful? Please make a video on your hair care! :) 

  14. Jetzabel Navarrete says:

    What hair die did u used?

  15. renee jolicoeur says:

    You look like the mom off of the Adams family I love it

  16. Julia Flores says:

    Love your hair! Can you please tell me were I can find these products?
    Thank you.

  17. Sally Ngo says:

    can i wear blue-black haircolor for school or everyday? or should i just
    dye my hair black? 

  18. john Witcnguyen says:

    what if my hair wasn’t bleached 

  19. janey .byrne says:

    stunning x 

  20. GoldenKissesx says:

    its so beautiful I am going to do this

  21. Leslie Merritt says:

    Awesome tips…I recently dyed my hair trying to get the blue black
    effect…not working…I’ll take your advice thanks

  22. alisha33x says:

    your hair doesnt look very blue? is that because of the camera or?

  23. Hannah Jorgen says:

    Do you have to bleach your hair before putting this on? I have naturally
    brown hair, which I recently dyed black, and I heard you have to bleach
    before you put blue black over black hair. 

  24. Sylvana Lecometros says:

    Can I do the same think with the Revlon colorsilk blue black? Pls answer

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