I’m addicted to my natural hair growth & Ultra Black Hair Growth Book Review

I’m addicted to my natural hair growth! I have found that since I did the big chop, I am addicted to my hair growth & health. I diligently and consistently take my hair vitamins, eat healthier…

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  1. TheGummybears101 says:

    love your hair´╗┐

  2. Civille7 says:

    Have you ever read Audrey Davis-Sivasothy’s “The Science of Black Hair”
    (see link below)? That book is much more comprehensive than “Ultra Black
    Hair Growth.”


  3. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @LuBellaCoils Yep. The longest my hair was when I had a perm was shoulder
    length on the sides and on my back in the back (my hair grows faster in the

  4. latrece36 says:


  5. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @nriccaboni LOL! You too keep those videos coming (well, after your done
    studying…) I want to see that graduation video!

  6. cassandra davis says:

    @MsJordyn08 Great and yes im a local i stay in st.marys about 20 mins from
    the market i will be coming to get some ASAP lol i purchased some coconut
    oil from you and almost running out i love how it makes my hair shine

  7. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @Tellylove12 ENJOY your BC!!! As you can tell, I like my hair out mostly
    too :)

  8. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @theinnercreative You know, I’m going to do a video about the “in between”
    stage. Hang in there and “this too shall pass.” Either way, our natural
    hair is gorgeous!

  9. kashaiya213 says:

    Does the shea butter mixture need to be refrigerated because it has aloe
    vera in it?

  10. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @kittybaby900 Yay!!! Isn’t it great? We have beautiful hair!!

  11. 85heyyou says:

    I was going to let you know that the pills you got from walgreens, are bad
    for you if you are like me and want to have kids in the near future. I
    myself was using the same brand, I began to notice that my cycle was off
    the doctors informed me that it fell under the california prop 65.. some of
    the chemicals are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other
    reproductive harm.. it should say it on the box, but I just wanted you and
    the other to know this.

  12. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @24hrmomshow Your hair is BEAUTIFUL…

  13. Grandma Cheap Cheap says:

    Just starting to grow my natural hair. Been cutting it really short (
    scalp) length for years but loving the natural hair twist now.

  14. DeltaChi16 says:

    Okay it’s good to know I’m not the only one w/hair obsession. I think more
    so b/c I went against the status quo with a dramatic change of the b/c I
    want to know I made the best de vision. And on doing so,

  15. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @ayanaweaver I was addicted when my hair was short too! LOL!

  16. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @Annieprn67 LOL! I’m so glad I’m not alone! LOL! I need to take a peak at
    your page to see your hair. You’re going to love it as it grows too!

  17. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @kashaiya213 I don’t refrigerate it. I do add honey and vitamin e and
    remember those are both preservatives.

  18. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @alleymo1 God is ALWAYS first. He guides us all! We are more than
    conquerors through He who loves us! Romans 8:37

  19. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @Mzrougepoupee Curly hair is the best. I sure do enjoy my ringlets! I, too,
    must agree that taking care of our hair is FUN! Let me know how the mixture
    works, I’ll be doing a tutorial. That Aloe Vera Gel keeps it soft and

  20. Rawhealthbitch says:

    Its good to know im not the only one that is addicted, lol !

  21. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @coldestwoman I can’t stand going to the beauty supply store especially
    when those selling to people of color don’t even use the products. Yet, I
    will not pontificate on THAT subject. This shift in mindset is also going
    to aid in our financial health too!

  22. BourneAFreeMind says:

    Hey…I love your video & energy!! Go Sista, Go :-) I have been on my
    natural hair journey for a little over a year & I am loving my hair…Im
    not addicted yet, but I hope to get there…a woman’s hair is her crown &
    glory, and when black women start loving our hair we will start loving
    ourselves more…i would love to connect with you…email me
    Bourne2shine@gmail.com I am putting together a Natural black hair
    documentary, and thinking about doing an expo…

  23. 24hrmomshow says:

    I am addicted to my hair as well. I love the natural hair journey and will
    never go back…Love it

  24. Tellylove12 says:

    I find that since I BC’d a month ago, after all the styles I’ve tried my
    hair simply likes to just BE. I literally wash, shake and go. I keep it
    moisturized. I know that I’m going to have to protect my hair somehow to
    maintain hair growth but I just want my hair to be healthy and huge. lol

  25. Montina Portis aka SPARKWISDOM says:

    @NotoriousLYNappy1 Nah, I’m not going to trim. I don’t use heat and don’t
    intend to. Dollar General is where I bought those nasty vitamins. LOL! Go
    to Dollar Tree or Dollar General for the Soybean/Olive Oil. :)

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