How to Wrap Black Short Hair by

In this video, I am going to show you how to properly wrap black short relaxed hair. This technique applies for hair that is 2 1/2 inches long and shorter. A…

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  1. NiyNiy LovesMusic says:

    I cut my hair a year a ago and i haven’t had a proper way of wrapping my
    own hair i always had help. I tried to use this method but my hair came out
    hard . how do i prevent that ?

  2. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    What kind of mouse are you using?

  3. SatinHairWrap says:


  4. BreSmilez says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! I got a short cut and its cute, but when i
    had to wash it that one time, I was so lost on wrapping it. Apparently,
    there is a certain way to do it and yours looks awesome. Trying this
    tomorrow night. :)

  5. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    @nikirylee no problem LOL I love her to death!

  6. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    @sweet9667 hater

  7. julietthugangel says:

    do u do this every night?

  8. Tricia Mathis says:

    Oh what do you use to wash and condition? My niece’s hair always looks dry
    and it breaks so easily. She needs a good shampoo and conditioner and
    something to soften her hair up.

  9. Fabrise88 says:

    I’m glad you made this video cuz I was not warpping my hair that way Thanks

  10. GabyTheMUA says:

    This is really helpful thanks!

  11. rizeuse says:

    Thank you sweetie !!

  12. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    @sNachelles OK cool let me know how it turns out and I’m glad this video
    was helpful.

  13. monstermonie says:

    do you have to have a relaxer for it to be smooth

  14. Mildred Pettiway says:

    thank u just subcribe

  15. xoxo_Khaleesi says:

    Very pretty.

  16. k says:

    can you upload a video of you putting highlights in your hair their really
    nice & i wanted highlights in my bob cut but it is too expensive at the
    salon !

  17. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    @BigCityDoll hi, you can rap it at night and just let it dry over night.

  18. Simone Bowden says:

    Thank You, Charmaine for helping us sisters with short hair and trying to
    maintain a smooth look. I did the flexi rod after 5 week post and My hair
    style makes me look too old fashion. I’ll wash and wrap my hair in the
    morning then flat iron. This style should last until the next wash? Please
    advise. India

  19. mary48504 says:

    do u still have short hair

  20. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    @googlygabbie no, not at all

  21. Gabby weaver says:

    Does the foam wrap make your hair greasyy??

  22. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    @sNachelles OK cool let me know how it turns out and I’m glad this video
    was helpful.

  23. BlackHairandSkinCare says:

    yes, it will be soft, smooth, and flat.

  24. naw hanson says:

    thank you for not ignoring that child when they came in the door. i cant
    STAND when people film videos and ignore their kids and scream at them…

  25. zogasha says:

    my god girl you got the must silky lookin hair i’ve ever seen! you blessed
    shoot i got peas up in my head

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