how to: get the Ariel red hair from jet black hair WITHOUT bleach!!


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  1. Daniel Tafferner says:

    I hate when people do tutorials when they have absolutely no idea what they
    are talking about..
    go to hairdressing school , or go to a professional if you dont know what
    you are doing…

  2. Barbara Barnea says:

    Color oops has bleach in it

  3. Daniela Robles says:

    Omggg I so need your help. I just dyed my hair. Only my roots came out
    bright red. How many more times do I need to keep dying my hair to get
    everything red? Please help me 

  4. Jessica Camargo says:

    Will it fade away fast?

  5. Regina Trafton says:

    Stupid question, but what about your eyebrows. I mean should I lighten them
    bc of the red? Idk. 

  6. Abigail Adams says:

    I just used the Feria Red Velvet box color which is supposed to come out on
    my natural color the same as what yours is (maybe a little darker) but this
    morning after letting it air dry last night I woke up to almost black hair
    :-/ that’s very purplish… I am planning to get the oops color remover to
    get rid of this color… what kind of time frame do you suggest to try to
    get the color you have after dying with a different really dark shade
    (which isn’t supposed to be this dang dark :-/) my natural color is medium
    brown with red tints and natural blonde highlights in the front… I love
    your hair color! It’s what I spent the last 5 years growing my hair to try
    to achieve… Loreal Feria took 25 minutes to ruin it unfortunately :-( 

  7. Catherine Mayo says:

    I stripped my hair from black with colour b4 ( different name here in the
    And applied the red but roots are bright and rest is dark what do I do xxxx

  8. Oomie Says says:


  9. Rosa Macias says:

    So i was going all over the Internet looking for something that would get
    my jet black color out of my hair that does not have bleach. And i came to
    your video and i will admit i was kinda scare to do all that process with
    my hair. But i want red hair so bad. So i tried it a couple a days ago and
    wow my hair did go to a light brown color after oops. And the only thing is
    that it really really REALLY stinks BaD.. lol i wasent sure the red was
    going to come thru but it actually did its still dark but u can see the red
    color. Before it would just go back to black right after the hair color.
    Thank you so much for this video.. very well explained. I just have one
    question how can i get it to lighten to a bright red. Right now its like a
    dark red in the light it looks superr red.. i jiat want to lighten it what
    process can i do ??? 

  10. mistaken29 says:

    blondes can use this color, they just need to use a volume 10 which will
    NOT lift color but, ONLY deposit which is what they would need.

  11. kristen rodriguez says:

    hi here in mexico they dot have the oops but they haveiron color brilliance
    creme lightener do you think that will work 

  12. Cristina Espinoza says:

    After using color oops, how long did you wait to color your hair red?

  13. Lynette Gyps says:

    Do you recommend Oops even if i have never died my hair before I’ve always
    had black hair and I’ve never attempted to die it before…

  14. Ashlyn Sheppard says:

    I mixed a box of red with a box of magenta, i love the turn out of it (:

  15. Tina tintor says:

    Even on blonde hair you can use this product but it will be a BRIGHT BRIGHT
    RED I used this product before on blonde hair 

  16. enmunier says:

    I just tried dying my hair red last night with a combination of HiColor
    Highlights Magenta and Red Hot, with a 30 creme developer using Ion
    Sensitive Scalp and my results didn’t come out expected. The only thing
    that came out red were my virgin roots and the rest of my previous black
    hair only received a red hue. Please help! I look so silly with black hair
    and bright red roots! :[

  17. Annabella Szilágyi says:

    PLEASE help!
    Soo… I colored my hair black in September. Like a 1-1.5 months ago I
    colored it with brown henna. So now i have like 5cm of light brown root and
    the rest of my hair is very very dark brown. What should I do? Will the
    color remover work? How long should i wait after i used oops to dye my hair
    red? pleasepleasehelp.

  18. Safiya Brown says:

    Did you use oops and the hicolor dye the same day?

  19. yiyi mua says:

    I dye my hair red today ^.^ im in love and i definetly follow you tips
    ….i just have a quiestion, what about roots? Whenever they grow, yo dye
    your whole hair again or just do the roots touch up?

  20. Miriam Torres says:

    It didn’t work out for me :(
    I did everything step by step and I ended up with red hair in my roots and
    no color on the rest of my hair! :’(

  21. Marina Rocha says:

    I love ur tips I’m going to try it tomorrow

  22. Jennifer Rayo says:

    I want to buy this product tomorrow, I have blackish brown hair. I dyed it
    black like a year ago… will it get my hair? 

  23. enmunier says:

    Do you think if I strictly used the magenta, it would do the trick of
    lightening it? I’m nervous because I know it will result in a darker red,
    but how much lighter do you think it would turn out? And do you think I
    should change my developer? 

  24. Lauren Saponaro says:

    omg i love this girl..

  25. Nayeli Lujan says:

    So its been like 8 or 9 months i died my hair black… it has faded into a
    darkish brown color some still kinda black but a faded black.. what volume
    (prolly will use 30) but just incase would you recommend an how long should
    i leave it since my hair has been dyed before?

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