HOW TO: From Brown Hair to Rihanna Red Without Bleaching

EVERYTHiNG you want to know is right here… Products Used: – My Hair: L’Oreal HiColor HiLights For Dark Hair Only in RED ( Sally’s Beauty Supply .00) * I used 2 tubes L’Oreal 3O Volume Developer ( Sally’s Beauty Supply .00) Color Bowl Tinting Brush Vaseline or Conditioner to prevent color from staining skin Gloves *The little things on my ears are ear covers. You can find them at Sallys as well. ;p -Mix 1 part color (1.2 oz) & 2 parts developer (2.4 oz) -Start at the bottom of your hair & work your way up, leaving your roots for last. -Let color process for 30 minutes to an hour. I left it on for an hour because my hair was dark. -Rinse hair in cold water -I used Macadamia Deep Repair Masque after coloring -Let hair air dry to prevent any added damage from the heat of a blow dryer * My hair is pretty much in the same state as it was before I dyed it red. & remember I did color it twice. It doesn’t feel dry at all. – Hair Extensions – 18 inch. Cool Blonde. Sally’s Euronext Color – Beyond the Zone: Wild Red Tips To Keeping Your Hair Red: – Limit the amount of hair washing – Use ONLY cold water when washing – Use a color depositing shampoo & conditioner Riveting Reds Shampoo & Riveting Reds Conditioner – Sally’s Beauty Supply ( around 7 bucks I think. ) What I’m Wearing: MAKE-UP: Face: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, L’Oreal True Match in Sun Beige, L’Oreal Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer: Light, MAC MSF in Med/Deep, WNW Mellow Wine Blush Eyes:Physicians Formula 2 n 1 Lash

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  1. musicgirl4100 says:

    Well you are talking very fast, but good video ;)

  2. c8d3z90 says:

    I LOVE IT !!! that color is very nice cant wait to do it the show the finished thing. thanks for explaining everything 

  3. jasmyneelewis says:

    Would this work with trying to go blonde ?

  4. QueenAceKing says:

    I used Garnier dye in Light Intense Auburn on my naturally brown hair like maybe 3-5 months ago… The majority of it has washed out obviously, but my hair is like a reddish orange color with blonde in some spots and my roots are brown… Should I follow your regimen to get your look?? I’m just not sure since the middle of my hair is an orangey-dark red, would the Loreal HiColor Highlights make my hair too bright of a red… Your hair color in this video is exactly what I’m trying to achieve..

  5. jayceebabe says:

    Doing it only twice got it that bright red? I’m dying my hair & I’m waiting now & it’s almost been 30 minutes & I dont see any changes

  6. liciabear95 says:

    Midnight City by M83 :)

  7. chawfunkatie says:


  8. NikkiBatman says:

    I absolutely love this!!! Thank you so much for your help ! :D

  9. brianna smith says:

    you go girl

  10. potatomanforeverhaha says:

    You reminded me of Ariana Grande<3

  11. Hevi Kapoor says:

    my hair is light auburn color and i want to change it to red because i like it a lot but i am scared to do it. i did not dye my hair about 7 month. can you tell me how i can change it to red please , thank you.

  12. BABYDOLLV13 says:

    pause on 5:38 lol

  13. AmberBrookeSmith says:

    Will your color go out faster if you have hard water? like rust water?

  14. Elaiza Bonilla says:

    what if my hairs bleached already ? even though my hairs bleached like a yellowish color red never sticks on, it always turns pink or something ; if i used this hairdye would i be putting my hair at rish of falling out ? ._.

  15. charmedgurlforlife says:

    Hi, i just subcribe to your channel. And i was wondering why you wear hair extenions. Cause you already have beautiful natural hair. And so far i like that you voice out your opinion. i like that your upfront and out going person. and keep up the good work.i love your videos.

  16. kayla mae says:

    does the color come in purple cause i really really want to dye my hair purple so please respond

  17. ForeverYoungRae says:

    She looks like Erica from bad girls club ! =]

  18. db42k says:

    I know I’m not her, but I’ve used the same dye before! If your hair is that long you might want to consider three tubes, and depending on how dark your hair already is depends what developer you should use. If you have dark brown/black hair use 40, but if it’s lighter use 30! Wait 3-6 weeks to re-dye but if the dye you used didn’t take you might only need to wait about 3! Whatever you feel the safest with.

  19. db42k says:

    That’s the same product of hair dye I use for my red hair! I was sitting here wondering if there was another brand out there that would work better than it but nope it really is one of the best :)

  20. greteja says:

    Do you know where I can get theese products online? :)

  21. FringeFan23 says:

    Wow your hair is amazing I love the color and you’re so good at this! I do have 2 questions. I have waist length hair and I got the L’Oreal HiColor Red so should I use 2 tubes? I was gonna use one 1.2oz tube with 3oz of 40 developer. I want it red but not too bright so is it okay to put 3oz of 40 or should I use 30? And also I just dyed my hair with Ion Color Brilliance light intense red and it did not take that’s why I’m trying this but how long should I wait to redye? Thanks!

  22. porettochan says:

    thats weird i dyed my hair red with the same hair dye. but instead of me using volumizer 30 i used 40. and my head turned burgandy. how did that turned really red?

  23. LUVVLY70 says:

    where do you get the bowls from? Sallys?

  24. KiKi2tall95 says:

    How much did all the supplies cost and can you get it at any other hair supply store?

  25. sabrina berna says:

    n also how much were her extentions many peices?

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