How to Dye Hair from Black to Brown (Without Bleach)

Revlon LIGHT ASH BLONDE: Garnier AUBURN BLACK: Heylo lovelies! (: I recently dyed my hair brown, and …

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  1. x3Haha says:

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    comments :( If that’s the case, I shall send my response to you through a
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  2. x3Haha says:

    Here’s a tutorial on how to dye your hair from BLACK to BROWN without any
    brassiness. Let me know what you think of my new color? :D

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. If you like these
    types of videos, be sure to let me know so I can film more for you.

    Have a lovely day/night <33

  3. Beyonceesha says:

    this color is so pretty on you,my natural hair is samel ike this

  4. ImEmily says:

    Hmm, could this work if I used the same hair colouring but the hair colour
    is blonde? What I’m trying to say is that could this work with any hair
    colouring? My hair is currently dark brown and I have an emo hair style and
    I don’t want to go to the hairdressers and pay a good £70 or more to get my
    hair dyed blonde, Hopefully it’ll work.. hm. Going to do some research just
    in case. Your hair looks gorgeous brown, you should keep it brown. You’re
    really cute and I’ve subscribed. <3 Haven’t watched the whole video yet,
    just curious if this’ll work with blonde hair colouring. :D 

  5. kpop obsessions says:

    Would you recommend this if your hair color now is dyed black? My natural
    hair color is black but I got some highlights before I bleached it then
    after a few months I dyed my hair to its natural color. Do you think it
    would work for my hair?? 

  6. Denizcan Selvi says:

    any one know what colour is cagatay ulusoys hair ? cause it looks brown ,
    but when in lights it looks lighter and when inside , it looks darker

  7. irockskinniesx3 says:

    Thuha! My hair is naturally black but i had an ombre before and dyed my
    hair with black dye 6 months ago. And I recently got a haircut, just got it
    thinned and recut my layers haha! I was wondering if i dye it, would the
    color show? I’ve tried with magenta but only my roots showed :( (

  8. thesecretsofkat says:

    Love the color. Is this the first time you’ve turn this?

  9. Miranda May Styles says:

    Thanx for the tips! I just dyed my hair bout a week ago & I realized that
    day after that my hair top was blonde and my bottom was sorta light brown &
    I realized that my hair is brown that is will take a while to lighten up &
    it has, I’m so happy!! Btw your hair looks so beautiful in the color, so
    long & healthy, I been watching you hair care routine vids & they helped me
    a lot, thanx so much, my hair is actually growing!! Are u ever gonna cut it

  10. Brandy Bondoc says:

    Hi! My hair is a dark chocolate brown color with virgin black roots. I like
    coloring my hair a vibrant reddish purple that looks natural. I mix 2 hair
    dyes of auburn and burgandy, but it usually fades to a light ash brown
    after 2 weeks. Any tips or brands that I could use for keeping it look
    reddish purple? :) 

  11. Alyssa L. says:

    you look so gorgeous!! <3

  12. Chris Hartwig says:

    How do I know which Developer I need? 

  13. iZZiRae says:

    I have never dyed my hair and I don’t think I intend to. :) So I don’t have
    any tips and tricks. :) The color is really pretty btw.

  14. dearestkim says:

    Looks patchy. Like the middle shaft of your hair is dark and your ends and
    roots are lighter. 

  15. Danh Huynh says:

    YOU AND I-park bom

  16. Traine Saya says:

    I m mom of 2 kids and wanna diy my hair now. Think ur colour is very pretty
    on u. But am afraid if it will be good on me too or not. :0 but really it’s
    super cute on u

  17. thesecretsofkat says:

    Love it! It turned out great!

  18. ExtensionOBSESSION01 says:

    What kind of coconut mask did u use on it? 

  19. hien nguyen says:

    Hi! My hair is black and never been dye before! Now I want change the color
    from the black to the brown! Can you let me know. What color box should I
    purchase ? Thank’s for the answer!

  20. Tania Miah says:

    Omg Your hair looks great!!!
    Ive got really dark brown almost black hair and it has reddish tints when
    in the sun, what hair colour would you recommend to use to dye my hair
    brown ?? :) 

  21. Lovely Chix says:

    Thank you for making this video. I’m trying it out today but the sally
    beauty in my area only have one left for this color so I’m gonna be only
    using one box just to try it out also I don’t see in the dye box how much
    developer should I put on. If you can please let me know. Thanks!

  22. Jessica T says:

    i love the color you got for this. I want to try this, but im not sure how
    it’ll turn out because i’ve never dyed my hair before. My hair is naturally
    black and it’s virgin hair! If i use this L’Oreal product, I’m scared that
    it’ll completely turn my hair blonde since it was made for dark hair. Did
    you do this with natural black hair? I just want a medium brown like you
    had in this video! Thanks! 

  23. Hannah Workman says:

    Can you tell me what you used for the coconut treatment. I’ll be dyeing my
    hair soon and I want to try and protect it as much as possible.

  24. Twinkle Little Starz ♥ says:

    - amazing video !! >D<

    can i have the coconut oil mask recipe ? :3 or video if You did one ? ^^

  25. sunbubblex says:

    do i have to use the developer? im planning on doing peek-a-boo streaks of
    brown on my black hair, (remember how you had blonde), anyways.. its not
    going to be all over my head so is it mandatory to use developer and is
    there any substitutes? 

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