How to: Dip Dyed Ombre Blue Hair Chalking tutorial Temporary Color black hair No Bleach

No Heat Beach Waves: Pink Ombre No Bleach Hair Video: Please Like if you Like. OPEN FOR MORE INFO… ♥ For VI…

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  1. Leticia Cortes says:

    Somebody like Wendy from Red Velvet (; lol 

  2. Victoria xox says:

    Anyone else thinks she looks slightly like Selena?!?! :o 

  3. Daijah Morales says:

    Your hair is so long

  4. Maye McLolly says: do u do it if u have naturally curly nappy hair? it wont be so easy
    ?(im african american)

  5. Nadine Farmawi says:

    Kylie Jenner copied her ass lol. Kudos!

  6. Haneefah ali says:

    Trust me it works very well I’ve got purple and it looks beautiful

  7. Nnn Nik says:

    You can just tie your hair in a ponytail or another updo so it doesn’t make
    you clothes dirty. (or a braid)

  8. Prynces Jordan says:

    My sister had it, such a mess. 

  9. yaoifinatic1 says:

    For anyone wondering how to get a brighter color, the hair chalk works A
    LOT better or damp or slightly wet hair.

  10. Cristel Botie says:

    You need a hari cut

  11. niceChouice says:

    Chalk damages your hair and makes it dry so don’t try it

  12. Evana Gomez says:

    Yes I have the one in red, it comes out good but it gets all over my
    clothes :-

  13. Aish M says:

    have you tried like doing hair chalk but when your hair is slightly damp
    and has a bit of conditioner in? i hear that makes it more vibrant and
    makes your hair less prone to damage. 

  14. R Px says:

    i didnt look chalky in person did it?

  15. Sarah Horan says:

    your hair… is so long…

  16. Toto kun says:

    wow thats literally what happened when i dyed my whole head haha XD

  17. TheValetodo01 says:

    Mines is going to be blue too

  18. Sonz R says:

    it may last for up to 2 washes and I think it does work for extensions 

  19. Kiara Munchkin says:

    Do you know (or have an idea) if this will work for extensions ?

  20. Jenny Jae says:

    You hade to set it with hairspray.

  21. Didii Paloma says:

    be smile be smile be smile 

  22. Moon Beauty Bar says:

    love this colour…

  23. My Hairstyle Magazine says:

    I felt like this hair chalk was a little softer texture so it would seems
    so much easier to apply to hair without having to rub your hair too much
    .but i’m sure you can use regular chalk if you wanted to . :)

  24. My Hairstyle Magazine says:

    :) I liked my friend’s long hair and was sad because I had short hair, so I
    decided to let my hair grow out :)

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