How to Bleach Your Hair From Black to Platinum Blonde Tutorial

I am always asked how I get my hair so platinum blonde since my hair is really dark! This hair tutorial shows how to bleach your hair from black (or another …

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  1. quotidianlight says:

    This is one of the best videos on this that I’ve seen. Great information! 

  2. Jermaine Sam says:

    I quite enjoyed your video. It was very informative, and it looks GREAT.

  3. SOHASDEAD says:

    your hair is so angelic! Looks wonderful

  4. deltrice smith says:

    ur hair looks great..but i think it would look even better if u added some
    low lights to give it more dimension!

  5. Lawren Marcell says:

    My hair used to be this color, but being a poor college student I couldn’t
    afford to keep redoing it every few weeks so I dyed it brown. I miss being
    a blonde!

  6. Missy Chrissy says:

    love it!

  7. Jessi Morris says:

    I dye my hair quite a lot and have dyed it black about just over a month
    ago and want to go back to my natural colour (light blonde) how can i do

  8. gage cruz says:

    You talk too much. ._.

  9. Gemma Babbyy C; says:

    Fucken boring af and u look so ugly like that with that color eeww

  10. Judy Eve Spell says:

    You did a great job you should go to school and become a comsetologist!!! I
    own my own salon an I think you did great, want to save some bleaching
    again, Have you tried Shimmering Lights for silver and blonde hair, it is
    purple, but I use it after a bleaching, and it pulls out the yellow out and
    looks and works great!! You can get it at Sally’s too, and it last a long
    time, But, just one thing, when you use the shimmering lights shampoo, dont
    leave it on over 3 min, and then condition it with the matching
    conditioner!! I love you hair and you have done a terrific job!!!

  11. Bella Rose says:

    Turned out great! How many minutes total did it take?

  12. crissilovesyouxo says:

    Wow the blonde looks so nice on you ^_^

  13. Michelle92008 says:

    Your hair is soo pretty!

  14. urenia2012 says:

    This video was helpful. Thank you for making

  15. queensmith21 says:

    “when I was in Alaska.. now that I’m here in the States..” oh LMAO

  16. fuchsialilacdoll says:

    I thought u said u didn’t like it? What do u use now ?

  17. fuchsialilacdoll says:

    Thank u so much just subscribed

  18. Vi Bell says:

    Use purple shampoo. My hair turned orange n it’s helping mine out but only
    use it twice a wk tho. Also you can use a toner or deep condition n in a
    month u can rebleach or redye it:)

  19. Rachel says:

    Wow I’m surprised you were able to make the gold part & the black one color
    so quickly & easily, I for sure would’ve ended up with still triple color
    hair lol.

  20. Haley Willis says:

    You did it so well..I’m jealous. I wish I had that mirror thing that your
    husband made! I just take all the luck I can get and do my back without any

  21. ra je says:

    been bleaching hair for years and I learned something new…..the oil
    bleach. My fault….been using powder for 20+ years so never bothered
    looking for anything other than the wella powder. Always looks great but
    will be trying this next month for sure. I lift to lightest pale yellow and
    put well T11 toner on for 5-7 mins. Thanks so much for sharing. ;-)

  22. Mega Sharon says:

    LOL :)

  23. SimDanelleStyle says:

    Thanks and I will definitely check out that purple shampoo. I’m always
    looking for good ones. The cream oil bleach is so much easier on the scalp.
    I found the powder ones so drying and flaky during processing too. So glad
    I could help!

  24. dina tubal says:

    in addition to my comment, what’s that oil you’ve been using ? is it part
    in the bleaching box you bought?

  25. SimDanelleStyle says:

    Thank you! I use purple shampoo in place of toner.

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