How I Dye My Hair Blue/Black

Products Used: Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment Loreal Technique 20 Volume Developer Loreal Technique Preference Permanent Haircolor in Blue Black Co…
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  1. Suzy Mejia says:

    Did the hair dye bleed?? I Used some other blue black from another brand
    and it did. It kept washing off for about 2 weeks!!

  2. Joseph rivas says:

    Does this effect your natural hair color permantly?

  3. Jenn Lalonde says:

    You’re gorgeous! Turned out nice :) 

  4. Ekaterini-Kathy Patlakis says:

    Very pretty. I need to go back to look at the color. It is hard to find
    blue black where I live. I like the blue black when your young. But, when
    you get older, it get’s more scary, to go darker in shade. That it might be
    too dark for me now. I need something to cover gray, nowadays. I have
    bought dark brown hair color, and touch up for dark brown. But, right now I
    have a reddish highlighter in my hair. My hair is currently long. Debating
    to cut it, but I do not have the heart to do it. I wear it mostly upward.
    Your naturally a lighter shade, which explains the roots being lighter. It
    came out very well for you. Thank you, for the video!

  5. Steven Page says:

    I want to have your baby! 

  6. Hayley Bassett says:

    I really wish my hair was as long as yours its soooo nice :) 

  7. mk toohtwo says:

    That Loreal Preference haircolor also makes another tint in the same line
    called ‘Black Onyx’ that has a pure ‘blue’ base rather than a ‘black’ one.
    Black Onyx won’t cover gray but you don’t have to worry about that! lol
    Also- try processing your color with 10 Volume developer instead. It’s more
    than enough to achieve a blue/black deposit and it’s much ‘nicer’ to the
    hair, which means your color will resist fading much better!

  8. LinneBeeDope16 says:

    okay sooooo I’m going to watch this vid step by step as I color my hair
    lmao, its perfectttt

  9. Candy Moon says:

    Hi I want to dye my extensions an intense blue black, but I want my the
    blue tint to be very strong, how can I do that? The hair is virgin hair and
    it is a dark brown natural black. :) 

  10. joel hall says:

    very nice, thanks for posting-you have beutifull hair

  11. xyntota says:

    You’re so clever=) Thank you for subtitles!

  12. Cindy Bahena says:

    Do I need developer if I have dark brown hair?

  13. Cocaine Barbie says:

    You’re so pretty(:

  14. Sophia Salguero says:

    Hey my hair is a light brown color from my previous brown blonde hair dye
    and i want to go midnight blue do i have to get a higher developer?

  15. Lauren Barrow says:

    okay so my roots coming through are a dark blonde color and my hair all
    over right now is dyed to a dark dark brown and im going to be doing a
    black/blue color on myself tomorrow. do you think it will just turn my
    roots blue? I don’t want to fuck up haha

  16. Serena5925 says:

    Although you didn’t mention it I just want to make sure, was there any
    bleach (for hair) involved w. the dye? 

  17. Skie Redzik says:

    I love the colour midnight blue and blue black is mostly the same so I’m
    diying it now yay !(◎_◎) !

  18. Kasandra Pierson says:

    What was your hair color before putting in the dye??

  19. Ronzz Snm says:

    Love your hair x

  20. Meldeana Walters says:

    R u goth? No offense u just have a piercing in your eyebrow 

  21. Bailey Adventures says:

    I am using the same dye right now just with a different developer :) seems
    to be working!!

  22. Miss Targaryen says:

    You look like the bella twins from wwe

  23. WhisperingKitty says:

    You’re beautiful! O.O

  24. Rainbow Pratt says:

    Put it in until your hair is damp

  25. Meldeana Walters says:

    I wanna dye my hair like i wanna cut my hair to were I have bangs straight
    across my fore head then dye the underneath of my bangs black

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