Hot Huez Hair Chalk First Impression + Review (on black hair)

Hothuez hair chalk: .95 at Bed Bath & Beyond. My hair: dark (pretty much black), dry, a little damaged xo, heidz.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hiheidz says:


  2. Tina Luu says:

    my friend brought some and or pe teacher is a guy so he isnt allowed in the
    girls locker room, when we were suppose to shower, i didnt for got my
    stuff, i used this, pink and blue, the blue didnt show ant all, the pink
    was ok ish and it turned purple after and it washed off really fast,
    through out the school day :( 

  3. Nikkie Buslon says:

    It dint work because you dint put any conditioner before you put it and you
    dint spray some hair spray after putting!!!! 

  4. cottondash says:

    1st of all your not really suppous to use serum it wont work good with it
    and 2nd of all you should put the chalk side up it works better

  5. Alexis Jackson says:

    does this work on african american hair?

  6. Katy D says:

    1. use leave in conditioner- not serum cause serum is way more greasy and
    oily so will run the color off. 2. the sponge goes underneath not above.
    You have to wet your hair more for stringer color then let it dry and hair
    spray it. put more on to show on darker colored hair, like mine, which is
    pretty much jet black.

  7. maria johanna says:

    Are you putting the sponge on the top???

  8. rawman67 says:

    For me it worked and I have black hair! So your wrong girl!

  9. # BatmanRules says:

    Do u have to put primer in?

  10. cutepie sakshi says:

    just wet with water…….u r doing wrong

  11. Luxx Lakes says:

    Also they do emphasize the SPRAY you HAVE to use leave in conditioner spray

  12. Thoraya Muratha says:

    You could have just damp your hair and done it

  13. memononi alrayes says:


  14. Zainab Taimuri says:

    your suppose to be putting the chalk where the sponge was.

  15. Jailynn Moton says:

    did you wet your hair

  16. solimar Almeida says:

    The first time u put the sponge up its supposed to go down

  17. Luxx Lakes says:

    Also you should have put hairspray right after so it doesnt get on you 

  18. susie self says:

    My sponge fell out so now I use the chalk for eyeshadow ;) 

  19. memononi alrayes says:


  20. Funaho H says:

    Do you speak Chinese?

  21. Kizzy O'Hara says:

    Your hair is supposed to be moist with leave in spray

  22. Nazla Azizah Putri Haura says:

    I want hothuez i guess you all have a hothuez:(

  23. Rachael Lee says:

    Thanks!! You helped me!! *subscribes*

  24. Sadia Sheikhuna says:

    You could try straightening it when your done to set it

  25. Luxx Lakes says:

    Your supposed to put the color side on the top

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