HEATLESS CURLS WITH BANTU KNOTS | Great for all hair types

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. trinitygmommy says:

    Love it!♡

  2. almondbrown09 says:

    very nice

  3. NundiV says:

    Love it

  4. ForeverBlossoming says:

    YASSS! Love the waves!

  5. cedfowler says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. hollywoodmeka says:


  7. cobbcountygirl says:

    Luvin your hair.

  8. prettyeyezchell82 says:

    It really looks nice on

  9. godsflame2 says:

    I really love it! This is so beautiful! Now how do you keep your hair moisturized when it’s flatironed. I would assume you really couldn’t, because it would frizz or shrink a lot.

  10. Samantha Bailey says:

    your hair is beautiful!!!

  11. LoveMariii says:

    Love it!

  12. Seximamacw69 says:


  13. toohot27271 says:


  14. MsDivalish says:

    Gorgeous! And that collar you’re wearing is everything!

  15. hypnateq says:

    Beautiful AE!

  16. Naturallymea says:

    Gawrjus! Just gawrjus, which is way better than gorgeous…love the waves

  17. T Ann says:

    luv it…this is my first time looking at your channels. I believe on one of your vid’s you said your a 4c mix. I’m taking out my dreads and can not wait to start styling. If I knew all that i could do to my hair better dreading it would have never happen. Thanks for showing natural is as beautiful if not more beautiful than perm. luv it and hugs…:-)

  18. missdmisty says:

    Can’t believe you are wishing for anthing more with hair this cute…more lift girl stop! :)

  19. Jacosta Lester says:

    Gorgeous. Kudos.

  20. sweetjas90 says:

    They look so good on you! Love it!

  21. NaomiStarr86 says:

    This is sooooooooooo banging! Your hair looks really straight, though, did you do this on flat ironed hair?

  22. sumthin008 says:


  23. gijoereview says:

    I absolutely love this on your hair! It’s beautiful! I’m gonna try it now! Just beautiful! I love your channel!

  24. artsy282 says:


  25. MakeupanBeautyJunkie says:


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