Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong (Must Watch) Black Girl Version

A parody vid Starring Bridgette Chantel Follow me on twitter! @TheBrichantel Like me on Facebook! : Hair Tutoria…

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  1. Jerrica Donald says:

    Girl you didn’t burn your whole head calm down 

  2. Jennifer Synowiecki says:

    My god. Stupid annoying over acting bitch. And wowwww armpits!! Wtf

  3. Kealsy Moona says:

    black girls serious bout thier hair lol im black but i dont hae black hair
    i have curly long hair all natrual lol

  4. Chloe Smith says:

    Is this a parody?

  5. Avery Kline says:

    okay I understand that you burnt your hair, that would suck, but at the
    same time is was just a little piece. Sorry that it happened

  6. Karissa Bowden says:

    Aww its okay! Dont cry! It will grow back! At least u got a bunch of views.

  7. liana ramos says:

    Help you threw a hard time!? girl, do you know how many girl lose a full
    head of hair from cancer and some barley even care they are now bald, some
    are actually happy they did but you, you lost less then how much hair my 2
    year old sister has :P so, your over reacting.

  8. Briana Tremblay says:

    Okay, there are two reasons why that happened. One, when she put the heat
    protectant on that piece of hair (which was a wise decision at the moment),
    but it was still saturated. You could hear the hair singe the moment the
    straightener touched it. Secondly, I’m just guessing that mini straightener
    didn’t have a heat setting to go by and GOD KNOWS how long she let that
    thing sit for. She over-reacted BIG TIME!! Yes, it was a shock to see that
    happen, but it wasn’t even that much big of a deal to be hysterical for xD
    She could easily hide that spot with the rest of her hair.

  9. Elizabeth Frank says:

    OMG I couldn’t stop laughting this was SUPER funny!!!!! and Jennifer
    Synowiecki< shut ur face and calm yo tits girl, use gods name in vain, and
    so help me!!!!!!!!!

  10. kayray_ forever16 says:

    bitch u dumb.first of all put a fuckin shirt on second of all u did it
    wrong nd ur hair is 2 natural nd u didnt burn off all ur hair so calm tf

  11. delilahgraziella says:

    it was a tiny piece.. it’s not as if you are going to notice wow.

  12. Scrap Kat says:

    Aww :( That’s how I’d react

  13. Tim Patterson says:

    girl were black people will just think their our edges just braid your hair
    and itll grow back ok just calm down but that was funny

  14. De'Vyne Acuna says:

    Wrong this girl is a fake that was a track in her hair a synthetic piece it
    didn’t match her kinky hair type and she wanna play like her hair really
    burned for attention I guess look closely. #lies good try tho 

  15. Ann Chambers-Horrace says:

    I noticed that you held the piece like it was a small track and the curl
    pattern was not like the rest. I don’t mean to be rude… but it seemed
    fake. Please be honest in what you post!

  16. two awesome kids says:

    You have nice boobies I watch this video every day and all I do is look at
    your boobies they are really nice I am a girl butt I just want to fuck you
    and you will be going ah ah ah ah over and over again then I will fuck you
    right in the butt and it will shake the holl house you will call me over
    every night if that happened so you better watch out 

  17. aidan sant says:

    Omg the title is “burning my hair” black girl version that
    Is so racist did she write it or someone named it like that
    Cos if it is someone else wrote it he is racist

  18. Makayla Ison says:

    Jeez calm down. It’s just a tiny piece of hair. 

  19. Cerys Williams says:

    Shes fakin cus she keeps on lookin at the camera

  20. Cynthia Oliphant says:

    Seriously you have to go flip mode over a piece of hair your over dramatic
    any person in their right mind knows not to do that shit. I subscribed to
    you because your pure entertainment GOLDEN GLOBE FOR THAT PERFORMANCE COME

  21. Macbabe004 says:

    It’s a parody read the description x

  22. Caliapi is my boob and I am hers Eat dat Pvssy says:

    Her boobs doh :P 

  23. Raven the diclonius says:

    I’m lucky to have an uncle that knows how to do this without this to
    happen,besides,come on it is only a little piece of your hair,it will grow calm down

  24. Michael nissan says:

    Forget about the hair. I just could not take my off these boobs I’m sorry.

  25. Sally Smith says:

    funny tho lol

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