Hair & Makeup – Hair & Makeup at Diesel Black Gold Fall/Winter 2012/13 | New York Fashion Week | FashionTV

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  1. Nicole Pedrick says:

    yeah what is this song????????

  2. SuperCreepyPrincess says:

    I like how Josephine smiles everytime she looks at the camera. It makes me feel like I’m in love

  3. imnothowyouthink says:

    Josephine Skriver

  4. RobLopster says:

    @lilxxrei Josephine Skriver

  5. oitnotnamelove143 says:

    what’s the song?

  6. Aleksandra Anastaziia Legowicz says:

    Who is the model at the front, at 2:00?

    And I think an edgy hairstyle I’d like to see is a shaved side on the head, and the other side very curly, nearly sausage curls. The shaved sides would give an edge, but the curls would make the overall hairstyle feminine.

  7. FashionTV says:

    Can you think up an edgy hairstyle you’d like to see?

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