Good Hair Movie – Chris Rock Sells Black Hair In the new film Good Hair, Chris Rock explores the wonders of African-American hairstyles as he chats with people to fi…

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  1. Oldiesman/ preacher says:

    The sista at da end really hurt my heart that shows how damaged the white
    man has made our community black power

  2. Nosotress says:

    Most black women wear hair because our own hair is very time consuming to
    maintain. Asking most black women to maintain their own hair on a day to
    day basis is like asking a black man to outline his own haircut. We have
    the caveman mentality when it comes to our hair. For a natural looking DIY
    No Sew Weave that promotes healthy hair, checkout my youtube channel.
    Nosotress We’re changing the way women wear hair. Hair Freedom at last!
    No more long term weave commitments. A Patent Pending product Made in The

  3. BriefcaseWanker says:

    to be fair the way chris had the hair in the bags, it didn’t look sanitary

  4. Life Loves Monet says:

    i gt sad when he said you will catch sickle cell for wearing black hair
    thats so sad like people are ingorant

  5. queanb33 says:

    This actually makes me more sad. 

  6. Jordan Rojero says:

    “Black people don’t wear their hair no more.”- Says the Black lady with
    braids in her hair. Love the irony.

  7. Enrique Berry says:


  8. TC Morrison says:

    I truly believe that this scene revolutionized the natural hair movement,
    the perm industry must thank the guy for this..for saying that no one wants
    to buy nappy hair

  9. Sharda LaSala says:

    LOL this is hilarious… black hair cut off in a baptist temple I can’t
    contain myself :D ….If they only knew where the lovely weaves came

  10. Kyle Pei says:

    if your hair is nappy no one is happy 

  11. ChemGuy210 says:

    1:01 Chris is thinking, “the ignorance is hurting my head”

  12. RedDragon45 says:

    “They don’t want to look like…Africa” lmao

  13. BrentWoodSean38 says:

    black bitch at the end next to the white man (or at least he looks white)
    should be ashamed of herself 

  14. Mr Brooks says:

    howcome they keep saying black people-when it’s black women who are being

  15. Kalimba Tuna says:

    Good to know that my hair is not sexy, nappy and it doesn’t look the style.

  16. GenyOreo says:

    I knew the guy selling the oranges lol

  17. Liliana Sancen says:

    Dont confuse hate with ignorance.

  18. Aurora Carmody says:

    The sickle cell bit was a bit…uncalled for

  19. Rukia Niles says:


  20. laprincessrocks says:

    Ouch I feel offended

  21. Cerl84 says:

    Creamy Crack and weaves. Our black women are addicted. Just like other
    addicts they will deny, deny. So don’t argue with them. What if black men
    rocked a Nat King Cole conk today -would u respect him?

  22. Roger DeShields says:

    A shame.

  23. ATLL0VR says:

    I feel like walking into a wig/extension/weave shop and asking for “Black”
    hair. Its really sad tbh

  24. TheGeckoNinja says:

    hmmmmm so the weave industry isnt making billions off of black woman alone?

  25. cbaldwinjr says:

    The bigger picture is WHY is that? Did black people wake up and decide
    natural hair wasn’t good enough or valued? C’mon…use a little critical
    thinking. The WHOLE POINT of the documentary was to delve into why black
    people (women AND some men) eschew their own natural identity to try and be
    more European.

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