Dying black hair to brown (without bleach!)

My sister wanted to dye her black hair to brown, without using bleach. So i thought i would make a little video on it. Hope you enjoy!! Download this app to …

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  1. Sheila Ortiz says:

    Blow drying your hair right after will make your hair dry especially
    straightening it… You should probably wait 4days til you put any type of
    heat on your hair.

  2. kecola g says:

    You look a LOT happier in the before picture. Were you not satisfied with
    the results?

  3. NeelimaYasmin says:

    instead of doing full hair,can u do dipdye with this?

  4. road ON says:

    Hi can anyone kindly tell me why did she blow dry it in the plastic bag
    thingy? Does that help or anything, like, the colour stays on better?

  5. Linda Naepi says:

    what type of hair dye is that exactly so i get the same one hehe

  6. lane wen says:

    Taking a blonde box is not as good as getting a light brown hair color and
    30 volume developer from sallys . Box dyes normally only contain 10 volume
    developer . Hence only depositing color . 

  7. bengalifob2 says:

    Haha, liked the trash bag turned smock turned shower cap! very inventive.
    and the editing was funny too. great job!

  8. Nenaa N.R says:

    Why did you use a blonde kit tho ? 

  9. Salome 88 says:

    Could i mix revlon dark brown and medium blonde together?

  10. iTurtleSoup says:

    Ooh girl get some layers!(:
    It’ll look good

  11. Janie Li says:

    What if i only dyed my hair once before, and it faded back to black? Will
    it still work?

  12. Alana Le says:

    Dang that garbage bag idea is genius. Next time i dye my hair im going to
    have to steal that trick!

  13. CrazyLikeA... says:

    This is a good video. Thanks. Also, that is a good idea about the trash bag
    as a “smock”.

  14. erk goat says:

    i think it was all that twisting on the chair that did it. i’ll go find a

  15. sani tamang says:

    that face though

  16. 1ShiningStar7 says:

    Haha yesss. The video is proof. 

  17. Anne Love Worth says:

    How long did u wait? xD

  18. Laura Valentina says:

    I’m going to try doing this on the ends of my hair since I want an ombre
    but my school doesn’t allow it, so it’ll be more noticable

  19. Alexis Hogan says:

    could have added music… but nice

  20. 1ShiningStar7 says:

    Yeah, guys, only try this on virgin hair. It doesn’t change much on
    pre-dyed hair! 

  21. ItachiUchiha004 says:

    You gotta narrate a little love.

  22. phatimaphabulous says:

    will this work on hair that has been chemically treated many times ..
    like re-bonding?? O_o 

  23. Lizza Beth says:

    That is bleach!

  24. Angelica Bermudez says:

    Someone help! I lightened my black hair to brown but for some reason my
    roots turned a blotchy orange. I got clairol root touch up in brown. Do you
    think this will work?? I just want to tone down the orange

  25. Lizza Beth says:

    That is bleach!

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