dyeing my hair black and blue.

yeahh, had to change the music because youtube blocked it in certain countiesD: but yeahhhh, decided to dye my hair black again because having it all blue wa…
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  1. TheOriginalSunflower says:

    Basically…hair is dead :p

  2. Sophie Burrows says:

    can I just say, you look very pretty :3

  3. Shlye Blade says:

    i got my hair cut into yours with short hair, but i was wondering how long did it take to get your hair long?? I’ve been wanting to get my hair really long for a while

  4. AlexusTaylor1234 says:

    I’m now gonna get addicted to this song 0-0

  5. Sydney Caruso says:

    your music is intense. i enjoy it ^-^

  6. XxHorrificHaleyxX says:

    ehhh it’s hair. Do whatever you feel with it, if you kill it it will grow back.

  7. TheOriginalSunflower says:

    Hair is dead xD

  8. Lisa Cardona says:

    did u use permanent die over semi? looks like it…if ya did the black prob faded to grey im assuming..

  9. RamonaBecca xo says:

    How long did the black hair dye you used last?

  10. shadiana sherman says:

    Is that Woe is me

  11. SlenderWomanErmurgrd says:

    She wasnt being an ass, she’s telling the truth.
    That hair is damaged.

  12. BloodyHugz kiss kiss says:

    she probably teased it :P thats what i do to get it fluffy XD and hair spray

  13. Lisa Schuh says:

    Its not acting like an ass, its only the truth !

  14. Sky Black says:

    It’s nice to know people act like Asses Intentionally

  15. Laurenador says:

    use temporary stuff. My mom wont let me dye my hair but I can use the color hairspray, although it only lasts like a day because it washes out, its fun every once in a while and it doesn’t kill your hair.

  16. imnotintrested100 says:

    really want my hair like this:c

  17. Lisa Schuh says:

    thats only because it’s damaged 

  18. jolachgh says:

    Sweet ^^

  19. jolachgh says:

    do it anyway be a rebel :P

  20. Cassie Eichner says:

    With a comb going up O_O then comb it again (I think)

  21. Killjoy - Minnie Galactic says:

    mousse and blow-drying, I’m supposing. that’s how i do it without teasing, because I hate having hair spray in my hair…

  22. Hannah Wemette says:

    thank you for showing me this Hannah but i already have blue in my hair but thanks again for sending me the link from: Hannah on facebook

  23. Jewlia Conner says:

    It’s the damage of the hair , some hair when it’s damaged , it gets all fluffy like and stays in one place , when your hair gets healthier it changes c:

  24. MuffinFishShiela says:

    Haha, well when I first saw this I knew it was Hannah Hacksaw but all I did was look at the second part of the name, which wasn’t the same. So when I said “You remind me of Hannah Hacksaw.” I was being sarcastic, thinking she reposted the video… Then I relized I’m a dumbass.cx

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