DIY: Dip Dye Hair with KOOL-AID (works on dark hair) !!!


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  1. Angie Nguyen says:

    is there a specific way to wash your hair so itll be brighter?? please
    answer, im dying my hair tonight.

  2. Lizzy Rathore says:

    If you guys have dark brown almost black hair and trying to go red, let me
    tell you, that it didn’t work for me. I used three cherry packets, and left
    my hair in the mixture for an hour and it gave my hair a ‘ look really
    closely red tint’. Maybe I did something wrong, but for me this didn’t
    work. I’m probably going to bleach my hair, and then try this again.

  3. Armani Jones says:

    hey remember that zendaya video you said we wont talk all this junk in your
    commets well look what im doing ugly whoever is the one that said zendaya

  4. Jamee Desserre says:

    My friend dip dyed her hair with kool aid at least a year ago and it still
    haven’t came out you literally have to grow your hair out then cut it

  5. kaite smith says:

    I have we’ll water will it still work?

  6. Stacey Waggoner says:

    It looks good I’m going to try that 

  7. tammyski says:

    Is it temporary?

  8. Maria Smithereens says:

    How long does the dye wear out? Or how do you take out the color? My school
    doesn’t allow coloring hair and it’s only 5 days until my vacation ends.

  9. Claire Catandijan says:

    Aww,hair dye isn’t allowed in my school! I was thinking of only doing one
    streak,but then I thought ‘what if teachers saw it?’ And yeah.

  10. Lucy Villa says:

    Where do you get the chart

  11. Sujin Kim says:

    it works thank u!

  12. Taneya walden says:

    it worked but when i washed it my color was even prettier

  13. Dafne mogollan says:

    What color worked on black hair?

  14. Shayla Lien says:

    is this healthy for your hair?

  15. My Le says:

    Thank you it’s work the best

  16. Rosanna Xie says:

    will this work if i have black hair and want to dye it brown

  17. michelle yusupov says:

    i did this and my hair didnt really look diffrent. the only time it looked
    different was when i was in the sunlight

  18. Null kreativität says:

    This is such a shit. Sorry but your hair in the end looked awful. :D Don’t
    dip it into a cup, use a brush. It will look even better.

  19. Fantage Oreos says:

    Can you just use hot water instead?

  20. Katie doll says:

    Thanks! This video helped me al lot! TBH you are pretty.

  21. Olivia Bonilla says:

    i did my hair about a month ago and it is still in i recommend using red if
    you want it to last it longer because i did red and i it is still in

  22. ednalyn Kim says:

    Pls reply me when will it come off because here it’s Saturday and I want it
    to last only until Sunday Monday I wanna lose it

  23. Jordan Ehlers says:

    Someone help! How did she get blue with black hair was that part bleached
    already? I have black hair but i really dont want red how can i have blue
    if i have black hair? 

  24. alexis delprete says:

    My friend did this and its been a month and her hair is still red :) 

  25. jasmine Lyons says:

    Wow u actually know what ur doing OMG THANK U! 

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