Dealing with black and indian mixed hair!

Having trouble findind ways to deal with your mixed hair?? SO AM I! lmao we need more people to make videos and share tips….We may not all know exactly wha…
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  1. Makayla Terry says:

    Im mixed with idian and black´╗┐

  2. Young Maya says:

    I’m Black and Indian as in Asian Indian ,which is the real Indian,as well.
    I use Eco Styler gel,Suave Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner,Dr Miracles gel.
    Those are some of the products . Hope it helps!´╗┐

  3. Ferlesha T says:

    Wish my hair was like that :/

  4. ily4MrsRocRoyal says:

    I Really Needed Ur Help Because I’m Black White And Indian..:) But U Let Me
    Down And Waisted Ten mins Of My Life:)

  5. Miz Kane says:

    @radiosandfactories You’re mistaken, I’m native american AND asian I clumped it together for the title’s sake. All together, I am
    black, native indian, jamaican, and asian indian. Either way, I could care
    less about being PC. You got the point either way, didnt you? Yup yup, you
    did :-)

  6. lordblazer says:

    You’re half indian as in south asian or as in native american? If you are
    the latter if you’re from Oklahoma most black people can deal with it
    because most people in oklahoma are mixed with native american soo
    everyone’s hair texture is different. If it doesn’t change, for men a lot
    don’t go bald.

  7. Autumn2396 says:

    i m black and Indian my mom is from singapore . my hair was really thick
    and puffy and getting a perm really helped I only get one ONCE a year also
    use pantene if your going to have your hair curly.

  8. babygurl2199 says:

    it kindof sucks for me to be mixed with black and indian and having curly
    hair bcuz my hair is so puffy and curly and i cnt get a perm cuz it will
    damage my hair so im stuck with washing my hair cuz i cnt striaghten it
    either cuz if i do it just puffs and curls right back up and even if i do
    wash my hair it gets so freaking curly and it just frustrating. :(

  9. JTRILEY1 says:

    @spo1ledbratbaby A PERM CAN’T LAY IT DOWN TWIN!LOL

  10. Samuel115s says:

    when you say your black mixed with Indian do you mean Asians Indian or
    native american Indian

  11. BrandonRobe says:

    On what though They all ways say my grandma was indian. Im black so i would

  12. vaughan hill says:

    im black and native american and i have curly hair, and when i wash it it
    curls up even more its weird..

  13. TheJohndoe908 says:

    Lmfao @ all the black people claiming to be native american. I doubt 87% of
    you are even 8% indian. They really need to teach Native American history
    in America.

  14. mottie77ful says:

    I am black and native indian….I use miss jessies products, kinky curly,
    and herbal essence. I don’t like going to salons unless…the stylist has
    my hair texture. I live in Miami so I usually go to Dominican hair salons.
    My hair is very fine. It grows long, but will break easily.

  15. MrMonty1987 says:

    My hair fine and thick and easy to break. Does mixed chicks work?

  16. tweetie35 says:

    I am Black with Native American I have more black than the native American
    but you cant tell until i start using the hair products that dont work like
    it does on someone like Chilli from TLC All i can tell you is You have to
    just pick one style per week flat or curly, use a thick creamy conditioner
    and mousse a few days and use indian coconut oil or Sae butter..

  17. hocobruins says:

    Y’all need to stop saying Indian or native Indian because that’s not the
    same as saying Native American. Christopher Columbus called the native
    Americans “Indians” because he thought he was in India. When he found out
    that he wasn’t in India, he still called them “Indians” because he didn’t
    want to look wrong as a captain of a crew. So all of you claiming you’re
    mixed with “Indian” are lying because only 5% of black people are actually
    mixed with at least 12.5% Native American.

  18. baseball54hr says:

    My hair is curly sandy brown

  19. sweetfaith22 says:

    I understand you pain. I was looking for the same thing. I’m not really
    Indian and black, Just black but my grandmother she is Indian which makes
    my father Jamaican and Indian , which explains my hair. I have really wavy
    Indian hair, I have no curls in my hair just waves. It takes me hours to
    get my hair to really curl. I just don’t know what to do with it anymore.

  20. AllHail MyLoyalty says:

    well at least ive found somebody that goes through wat i have tew go
    through the sme things happen andiht kinda feels funni being the onli one
    in thuh family that has that hair

  21. hocobruins says:

    And just because you have good hair or high cheeks, it doesn’t mean you’re
    mixed with Native American. Black people took genealogy tests and found out
    that they were mixed with a lot of European American, rather than Native

  22. daemonekiller says:

    i like your face you look like my mommy she cant mannage her long hair so
    she cut it and now its not growing fast ..

  23. mindlessswagdomo says:

    I’m mixed with African American and Native American. It’s great to find a
    video with advise.

  24. affy osano says:

    hahaha wow…i wasted like 10 minutes hoping you’d show me how to deal with
    it! LOL

  25. Chanel Martinez says:

    Im mixed with black and Indian to

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