Dark and Lovely Go Intense Hair Color Tutorial – How To Color Black Hair

New Dark and Lovely Go Intense! in Original Black! For ultra vibrant hair color on dark hair with anti-drying creme gel that includes olive oil, providing in…
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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  1. BB James says:

    I’m laughing my ass off. Same color as before. This is a great/legitimate
    product review, it won’t do anything to your hair.

  2. HahaNiceTryXoXo says:

    Why so much hate on this video?? I think it looks great! I just purchased
    this product today so its also helpful to see a familiar face endorsing
    this! Thanks!

  3. thangpreciousable says:

    3 words— brittle, dry, and limp!!!

  4. Chara Wells says:

    You take jabs at other Youtubers..alot

  5. joneslr25 says:

    Not purchasing.

  6. lesly coco says:

    Is it just me .. I don’t see any difference

  7. Sweetheartbabez says:

    NO!! Because her hair looks a hot mess. Looks like she didn’t do any
    coloring to it at all. Her finished hairstyle does not make me want to buy
    the product. Stop being an instigator! P.S. I’m natural, if you were going
    down that route!

  8. Life According to Kirry says:

    Wth…it still look the same just combed down 0_o

  9. Dora D says:

    See what she said she was going to color her hair and it’s still the same

  10. B Knowles says:

    no we can not see it. your hair was already black

  11. Marisol Correa says:

    Ha, ha… LMAO!!!!

  12. Sweetheartbabez says:

    smh what was amazing about it? Should have just straightened it or did a
    very defined twist out.. Never knew she did commericials now, she has come
    a long way though.

  13. Wawa M says:

    Yeah she dyed her hair the same color. Yea that’s not helping you sell your

  14. deontaer says:

    Please take this as constructive criticism, but I have seen your hair look
    better in your own YouTube video tutorials. This marketing ploy was a total
    bust. it was so obvious that you didn’t dye your hair. It looked dry and
    damaged. None the less, congratulations on being featured in the
    commercials. Your hard work is being recognized and that’s always a good

  15. Amono646 says:

    shocked to know I am not the only one who feels this way about this video
    ;-/ I am used to seeing her hair much more lustrous and overall better
    looking lol. but hey! She is doing what she wants and not apologizing for
    it! go ahead girl.

  16. Jae says:

    “it looks amazing!” It looks the same -___-

  17. angelfrmbklyn says:

    Hot mess!

  18. DayBKTV says:

    Wait…I’m confused … what just happened?

  19. MRSKINKY1 says:


  20. Chloe Marie says:


  21. Shamirah1990 says:

    No just…no

  22. Arlene knowles says:

    This looks amess, you can not be serious!! No this does not make me won’t
    to buy it!!

  23. Peachapie87 says:

    Such a disappointing ‘ad’ her own videos have more personality and pizazz
    to sell henna, water and baking soda…dont believe me…go watch!

  24. msautumnishere90 says:


  25. velma berry says:

    I was using something else and it turned the edges and the roots of my hair
    red, you told me why, I appreciated it went to purchase some Dark and
    Lovely Black only had Dark and Lovely Intense, Love it Fingers crosss itll
    be there friday so I can stock up. Thanks again

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