Countess Vaughn WARNS black woman about wearing lace front wigs she says they runined her hairline

Growing up, we watched Countess Vaughn become an icon on black sitcoms. She initially got her start in the entertainment industry by performing on Star Searc…
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  1. E-Omar Perry says:


  2. ColorMiiGlamor0us says:

    i strongly disagree with saying lace wigs messed up her hair line.
    sometime its not the products we use….but the people we pay money to
    (stylists) that dont apply them properly.
    like going and getting a perm….and ending up with hair lose…burn spots
    and open sores from it.
    its not the product. its the stylist who didnt know what they were doing.
    before applying lace wigs there are skin protectant creams you must
    apply….and your hairline must be cleaned with alcohol.
    you dont just put glue on your hairline and not think it will pull out your
    edges -_-
    the glue is not suppose to be added on your edges…or even touch your hair
    on your hairline.
    i mean… a child i learned that from putting glue on my arm
    hairs…pulled the allll off where i put the glue. so apply it directly to
    my hair line thiking its ok. nooooooo.
    and she stated that layers of her skin were being taken off…when she
    removed the wigs.
    wich means they for sure werent applied properly and also were being
    removed the wrong way.
    before using anything and trusting hair stylists….
    we need to educate ourselves about the products and how they should be
    applied first hand.

  3. Nova Starr says:


  4. Jamia Mack says:

    I don’t see how african american women can wear these lace fronts.. first
    of all they look unnatural and second they just look a hot mess. African
    american women need to learn to love their own hair. Its cheaper to just go
    get your hair done then to buy all that hair plus the stuff to help put it
    in. I had to learn how to love my hair after wearing my hair in a bun for a
    year in a half. Now I have been wearing my hair natural for 8 years and I’m
    so glad that I chose to. 

  5. AngemonRulez says:

    I can’t believe no one seems to notice how swollen she looks! I feel bad
    for her with the hair issue, but she looks more than fatter, she looks
    swollen, bloated. Is she okay?

  6. JohnnyClockdaone says:

    I don’t know why black women still continue to wear white woman’s hair on
    their heads! I find black hair very attractive and natural! Learn to love
    yourself black women!

  7. Ryan Sol says:

    This is what happens when Black women are so insecure and uncomfortable
    with their own beautiful natural hair that they have to put on pounds and
    pounds of ugly wigs and weaves to fit in with everybody else. Be
    comfortable in your OWN skin. God gave you this type of hair for a reason
    to make you stand out, not to be ashamed of it!

  8. EH CBunny says:

    I was walking in Walmart when a black hairdresser came up to be and said
    she was an hairdresser and she could “help me” with my hair. She wanted to
    put a weave in my hair despite of the fact I have shoulder length natural

    I wonder when did we stop loving our hair as black women, and why should I
    worship another type of hair?

  9. prettykirsten1 says:

    but shes still wearing the wigs so i am very confused..

  10. trumistry says:

    Loving the vid by the way lovelyti…made me giggle :-)
    Your message is correct…do what you will BUT take care of your REAL hair

  11. Michelle Bailey says:

    she was stupid sorry but i never use glue or tape,nor leave it on
    twenty-four seven NEVER, omggggg i wear it to work at time and as soon as i
    go home OFF IT GOES! 

  12. edie sheridan says:

    “Trying to look your best”? They’re all insane. Take the wigs off and look
    your best in your own “fucked up head” and hair. I am sick of looking at
    people around the globe behaving like this is NORMAL……. Natural is
    normal….not this.

  13. proudtobedark andlovely says:

    Just wear sew-ins or you natural hair thats the safest way to go.

  14. PONCHODAGOD says:

    I believe everything Countess said and when you use all these different
    products on your body I believe they do give you cancer and age you faster
    than normal. I seen a youtube video of a 70 year old woman who looks no
    older than 40 years old and it’s all from being vegan, eating organic,
    juicing and drinking rain water. After seeing that I changed my diet. 

  15. feathers437 says:

    next to go on Countess…her eyelashes!!! she’s got to have about a ton of
    those falsies on her eyes!!! *sigh*…

  16. EdobeautyNcoralBeads says:

    Black Men…are 2 much. In his head only “Black Women” wear….false hair.
    And of course the White girl had to set him straight. Black men love their
    fantasies. UGHHH!!!! 

  17. Lisa Collins says:

    Unfortunately, my hair broke off from twisting it too tight. I was
    constantly trying to recreate styles I saw in various YouTube videos, and
    my hair/scalp paid the price. I don’t think it will ever grow back. I
    learned my lesson the hard way, and encourage women (and men) to care for
    your hair. Learn what it likes and create a weekly/daily routine. What
    works for one Naturalista may or may not work for you. I cannot stress the
    importance of knowing your hair, what it needs to be healthy, and caring
    for it based on those needs.

  18. EXmugen says:

    I think your hair is beautiful just as it is. And I agree! It is ok to
    switch things up a bit from time to time, but unfortunately, lots of our
    women feel the need to have the perm look 24/7 as if to say their own
    texture isn’t good enough. I personally think we have the most beautiful,
    and most versatile hair on this planet. It’s too bad most of us have been
    convinced otherwise. Great video! 

  19. Blanca W says:

    One of my black girlfriends always says you have to wake up early in the
    morning to catch a black woman with her real hair. I know this problem is
    very common and I commend Countess for sharing her story. I would remind
    women that anytime you apply a adhesive, or any chemical to your skin, it
    is being absorbed into the blood stream. Besides the potential hair
    problems this can cause just think about that chemical seeping in to your
    body all the time. Dangerous! I understand the need to wear a wig but I
    would tell women to just use clips to apply it and not any chemicals or
    tape. I was shocked when Countess said that she was wearing it 24/7 for six
    months straight. That means she was even sleeping in it. I would say its
    important to take it off at night for sure and let your real hair and scalp
    get a break. Maybe just wear a hat or turban or a do rag when you are at
    home. Good luck ladies and remember if you have some hair still to work
    with try to go with your own hair. You can always add some clip in hair
    that can be removed very easily and that does not pull. 

  20. Tre' B says:

    hi agree… I’d rather try to make my own hair healthy

  21. michelle watson says:

    I have worn lace fronts and I never use the glue. I pull my edges out and
    sew it to my head

  22. trumistry says:

    I know people are going to jump on my back for this… but i have NO
    sympathy for countess vaughn.
    I wear LFW as a protective style, have done so for many years. Not to hide
    my hair, or neglect my real hair or to have 32in straight hair down my
    back. I do it to give my hair a rest for a few months. My real hair is
    ALWAYS my primary focus, if i were to see any problems, i would never have
    used glue or wigs again. Countess vaughns first consideration was the FAKE
    hair…and that fake hair led her, her scalp and her hairline through a
    merry dance.

    I do my hair myself and my real hair is very thick, natural, healthy and 2
    inchs past my bra strap+ my hairline is intact (i protect it viciously).
    Countess vaughn had a f****** stylist and this is how she ended up. She
    wore lace fronts back to back…really? I question her abiltiy to think
    and the integrity of her stylist

    If she were any woman in the street i would say the same thing…i have NO
    sympathy for her.

  23. Jess Cooke says:


  24. BecomingVirtuous says:

    I don’t understand how the wigs or glue caused discoloration under her
    eyes… what else was going on?

  25. NaturallyLusciousTresses says:

    Why dislike this video

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