Copic Markers – Coloring Black Flowing Hair – Rubber Stamp

Today I share some tips for planning out a hard section of an image, and then continue to show how I colour long flowing hair in black. Stamp: Windswept by S…
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  1. Gina MacGregor says:

    I love are amazing at coloring, thank you so much for sharing
    this technique. Its so helpful!



  3. hellothere1010 says:

    How long would you say a Copic markers will last if it is use often? If I
    buy some I want to get a variety. The markers I buy now are about $2.00 and
    they don’t seem to last very long. Also the ink fades if the image is left
    in the sun. Do copic’s fade in the sun?

  4. tryingtomake says:

    love it thanks for the tutorial, i dont have copics YET gan i get the same
    affect with promarkers

  5. gobeagirl says:

    Hi Zoe. WOW! I really enjoyed your coloring and I love your ideas on how to
    get the black to stand out without it turning it to just a black hole.
    Great video. I really really enjoyed it and I loved listening to you as you
    colored. I would love to watch more people color, but they play music in
    the background and even though I know I can mute it for some strange reason
    it really puts me off. Great job. Hugs, Lisa G

  6. Lori Lo says:

    Beautiful! TFS!

  7. Esraa Thabet says:

    you’re amazing but you talk too much.. try to make a shorter video please
    to follow you

  8. Barb F says:

    Wow! This one “blew me away”!! I love how you explain why as you color!
    That makes it possible for me to figure out what to do. I know my coloring
    has improved hugely since I found your videos! Thank you from super snowy

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