Color black hair to titian

This is a demonstration video that shows how to color black hair into titian using Wella Viva Color.
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  1. Caroline Louise Clark says:

    I speak both, and no, they don’t. French is a romance language, and Arabic is in the Semitic language family. They are so very different in sound and structure.

  2. banaaninorsu says:


  3. coolhaiwaiin123 says:

    box color is awful

  4. angelforlife2008 says:

    Loll yeah its arabic

  5. Lothorganik says:

    this are not black hair.

  6. savannahts says:

    its arabic

  7. likesoursugar says:

    Well, I live in Göteborg too :p

  8. likesoursugar says:

    No it´s not swedish. I’m from sweden and I can’t understand a shit.

  9. Klover288 says:

    after you bleach the hair, it becomes orange???

  10. J C says:

    I think she looks cute either way, but I personally think everyone should be as natural as they can. You can’t go wrong that way. I stopped lightening my hair a year ago and it’s come back to life. No more damage.

  11. J C says:

    Hey YT, I didn’t make that comment a month ago. I made that comment about a year ago. What gives?

  12. LuvSprinkless says:

    thats cause she has a lebanese accent. i think…..there are a lot of french influence there.

  13. J C says:

    I didn’t realize how much French and Arabic sound alike. omg, I really had no idea. That’s interesting.

  14. TheLando says:

    Thanks, that was a mystery to me also.

  15. TheLando says:

    She had to bleach out some of her natural color first; since her hair is naturally quite dark, the red would not have shown up without pre-lightening.

  16. H Ansari says:

    why did she apply the dye twice???

  17. H Ansari says:

    wud loreal brunntees work instead of vellaa?

  18. J C says:

    Ok, I know what Titian is now. It was some 16th century painter who had a fascination with red heads.

  19. J C says:

    What the heck is titian? Anyway, it’s easy for dark hair to go red. For any of your girls out there expecting blonde results without using damaging bleach first, you’ll turn out a redhead. I say, embrace, accept and celebrate your dark hair. I liked her dark hair better. It went better with her skin tone. The red makes my eyes hurt.

  20. queenie418 says:

    This has answered every question I had in one video. Thanks for posting this!

  21. ILDiva1168 says:

    I think the first was the bleach.

  22. aznbabi101 says:

    It would also be better if you learned how to spell

  23. thenickshift says:

    why weren’t you expecting it to be in arabic?

  24. KaRiiSOKw3l says:


  25. crimsonknight007 says:

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